Save 15-20% On Rentals - See Details
Save 15-20% On Rentals - See Details
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    Have the Right Mic for Every Occasion

    If you're involved in any sort of video production where capturing high-quality sound is important, then having a good microphone is a must. Given the many different types of jobs for which a microphone may be required, sometimes a standard mic just isn't enough. So what are you to do? Buy tons of different microphone configurations? BorrowLenses offers a solution that's much simpler.

    Rather than buying, why not choose to rent mics instead? This gives you access to whatever microphone you need, no matter what the event or project calls for. Each rental mic is produced by trusted manufacturers and kept in excellent condition. When you receive it, it's ready to give you the sound quality that your video production needs.

    Renting vs Buying

    Some mistakenly assume that buying microphones is the only way to go. On the contrary, there a number of advantages to renting. When you own a single mic, you risk not having the ideal tool for your production. Think of the struggles you'll have holding up a standard microphone with one hand while trying to film on-the-go with the other, or capturing sound for a scene shot from a distance. These are things you don't have to worry about with BorrowLenses' rental service. You can choose from a wide range of mics, including:

    • Shotgun Microphones
    • Boom Mic Packages
    • Wireless Lav Mics
    • Recorders
    • And More!

    How it Works

    BorrowLenses ships to all 50 states directly to your home or to one of thousands of UPS Stores. Learn how here.

    Save 15-20% On Rentals - See Details
    Get Great Gear and Save Money with BorrowLenses Used