Save 15-20% On Rentals - See Details
Save 15-20% On Rentals - See Details

Try out the best of 2018! These are some of the top renters and industry favorites from the past year. From cameras and lenses to lighting and support gear, 2018 was a big year for expanding the possibilities of pro and hobbyist filmmakers and photographers. Read more...
Last year saw the release of several high profile flagship upgrades, including the Sony a7R III, Nikon D850, Canon C200, Panasonic GH5, and Zeiss CP.3 cinema lenses. Well, there was no slowing down in 2018!*. 2018 was a big year for mirrorless. Canon released its EOS R line while Nikon produced the Z series. A number of great new lenses were released for Sony's full frame mirrorless cameras, including from SLR Magic, Sigma, and more. See what you missed below! New to renting? Learn more about how easy it is to have gear shipped directly to you.

*A few items on this page may technically have been released in 2017 but didn't ship/weren't widely available until 2018.

Best Camera Gear of 2018
Best Camera Gear of 2018
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  • Save 15-20% On Rentals - See Details
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