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Save 20% On All Used Inventory! - See Details
Save 20% On All Used Inventory! - See Details

Explore this collection of fast and sharp wide angle lenses for Aurora, Milky Way, and night cityscape/landscape shooting. These lenses all have a maximum aperture of f/2.8 or wider and are the perfect focal length for skies, vistas, urban scenery, interiors, and more.

Please note that most of our lenses ship by default with a filter attached. UV filters on the front of the lens will cause concentric ring distortion in the middle of the frame while capturing the Aurora. Please always feel free to remove our filters and then reattach before ship-back. Learn more about how to shoot Aurora Borealis/Aurora Australis.

Night Sky Lens Recommendations
Night Sky Lens Recommendations
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This is a special collection of landscape, cityscape, and night sky lenses to rent. Here are some other great gear collections you may like:

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  • Save 20% On All Used Inventory! - See Details
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