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Open for Rentals: COVID-19 Update - Plus See Our Latest Offers
Open for Rentals: COVID-19 Update - Plus See Our Latest Offers
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    Rent ARRI Film Equipment: Lights, Cameras, & More.

    The film equipment company that wins Academy Awards offers superior products to help make the non-oscar projects feel a little like making your own hollywood professional film. The ARRI Group works world-wide providing professional motion picture cameras, lenses and lighting equipment to large Hollywood studios as well as approved ARRI Rental Houses - Including BorrowLenses - all around the world.

    Founded in 1917 in Munich, Germany ARRI has helped numerous artists achieve their goals by creating motion picture film cameras which shoot 16/35mm film. Through the years the company rose through the ranks of camera manufactures and created the ARRI Alexa. The camera has become synonymous with quality and craftsmanship, as well as the go-to camera for most of the Oscar winning films in recent years.

    Though the company supplies Hollywood their cameras and lighting gear for their large productions, the equipment is also great for someone just learning about the film industry. Using the state of the art technology sensor technology inside their cameras will help you achieve +13 stops of latitude. Their lights will help keep the color and luminance of your shots exactly dialed into where you need them to be.

    Rent the ARRI That’s Right for You

    ARRI is one of the big names in the film industry. BorrowLenses carries ARRI Alexas, ARRI Skypanels and other accessories needed to make your film. Our ARRI rental options include:

    - ARRI ALEXA Mini The ARRI ALEXA Mini is a compact and versatile Super 35 format cinema camera. It is capable of shooting up to 200 FPS 2K ProRes footage internally on a Cfast 2.0 card (card not included). It is light enough for handheld shooting thanks to its carbon fiber body and the unique symmetrical design allows for filming in any direction. With over 14 stops of dynamic range and built-in motorized ND filters, this camera gives you full exposure control. With 2 HD-SDI out ports (1.5G and 3G), you can get uncompressed HD video with embedded audio and metadata to an external recorder. The ARRI ALEXA Mini is the ideal portable tool for filmmaking, documentaries, and more.

    - ARRI AMIRA The ARRI AMIRA Premium Set Camera is a versatile documentary-style camera optimized for single-operator use. It features in-camera grading with preloaded 3D LUTs, 200 FPS slow motion shooting in ProRes formats up to 4:4:4 in HD and 2K, and affordable recording to CFast memory (please see Notes tab for more info on compatible cards). Vents are on either side of the camera for temperature control and allow you to see straight through to body of this all-metal camera. It is very rugged and suited for a variety of environments. You can change speeds between high frame rates and low frame rates with a simple switch of a button without having to reboot into high-speed mode. This camera ultimately offers the high quality ALEXA sensor inside a lighter ENG frame making this a great choice for documentarians, journalists, or small-team narrative shooters.

    - ARRI SkyPanel S30-CThe ARRI SkyPanel S30-C LED Softlight is an ultra bright, high quality LED. It is designed for industry use, with special care taken to form, color, beam field, and output. It is one of the brightest lights currently available in its class, boasting an equivalent brightness to a 1000W tungsten soft light. It is fully tunable for temperature, hue, saturation, and precise green correction. The light output is not only soft and clean, but the shadows lack unnatural edges or strange colors. What's more, you get access to 16 professional lighting effects programmed directly into the light: candle, passing clouds, club lights, cop car, fire, fireworks, strobe, lightning, paparazzi, welding, explosion, and more. Controlling all this is intuitive, with just simple knobs and a clear display for all your color setting changes. This light comes with a tilting yoke with combo pin, a standard diffuser, and a long power cable. For the power it delivers, it's very portable and ideal for projects and productions large and small.

    - ARRI LoCaster LED Kit The ARRI LoCaster LED Kit is a small, lightweight, continuous light source with 6 color temperature choices and True Match LED technology with consistent output. The natural light characteristics of these panels work well with available/existing light and consume relatively little power. These lights are ideal for TV broadcast, filmmaking, portrait work where a natural light look is desired, or in any situation where cool-to-the-touch lighting is necessary.

    - ARRI T1 1000 Watt Location Fresnel LightThe ARRI T1 1000 Watt Location Fresnel Light is large, traditional fresnel light for indoor and outdoor use. It will provide a 2.8' diameter beam from 20' away at full spotlight mode. In flood mode it provides a 20.4' beam. It is made of pressure die cast and extruded aluminum to withstand a rugged filmmaking environment but this light does need some protection against rain. A stainless steel friction disc locks down any large front-mounted accessories and it has a 5.91" fresnel lens inside a ribbed housing which allows this light to run a little cooler than older models of fresnel lights. The ARRI T1 features special air channels built into the aluminum for a constant stream of air passing through the lens and into the lamp regardless of angle. This light is ideal for large video and photo sets.

    How much does it cost to rent an ARRI ALEXA Mini?

    • At BorrowLenses, you can rent a ARRI ALEXA Mini for as little as $215 a day, for 3-90 days. Check gear availability now.

    Get the Most from Your Cinema Camera Rental with All The Right Gear for the Job

    Once you’ve chosen the cinema camera that fits your precise purpose, check out our selection of cine lenses, as well as video support equipment such as batteries, tripods, memory cards, follow-focuses and mattee boxes to help you have the perfect shoot without breaking the bank.

    Open for Rentals: COVID-19 Update - Plus See Our Latest Offers
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