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    Rent Tripods That Won’t Let You Down. 

    Tripods are the foundation of any solid camera setup. But tripods can be very expensive, especially for carbon fiber ones, and you don’t always need one. A good tripod can cost as much as a lens these days! But it’s not every day you want to play Ansel Adams, which would require a sturdy but lightweight tripod to hike into the National Parks with. This is where renting is an ideal solution.

    Tripods are a necessity for most landscape photographers but there are so many other types of photography that rely on these three-legged things. Videographers can use as many as 5 types of tripod just to film a wedding. Studio photographers rely on precise tripods to get the precise angle they need. Many filmmakers even use two seperate tripod legs to perform a camera move with a slider. Whatever your needs, BorrowLenses has the tripod for you. Small to large, heavy to light, and even ones with legs that grip or are equipped with ports to hold lights and microphones!

    Tripod Options to Support your Camera and Lens

    Having the right tripod is fundamental for photographers. Our lineup includes:

    - Carbon Fiber Tripods

    - Tripod/Tripod Head Combo Systems

    - Travel-Ready Tripods

    - And more!

    Please note that BorrowLenses aims to enable creators to get the right gear to realize their creative vision, most tripod leg rentals do not come with a tripod head. 

    Pair these tripods with a professional tripod head or take advantage of ultimate space-saving flexibility with a monopod.

    Tripods are the base of the camera pyramid, when you need the support. You don’t always need a tripod, maybe buying one is too expensive. Tripods can cost as much as a lens these days, so why not come to for your camera tripod rental. Because it’s not everyday you want to play Ansle Adams.

    Tripods are a necessity for most landscape photographers, but there’s so many types of photography which also rely on these three legged sturdy triangles. Videographers can use as many as 5 tripods to film a wedding. Studio photographers rely on precise tripods to get the precise angle they need. Many filmmakers even use two seperate tripod legs to perform a camera move with a slider. Whatever your needs, has the tripod for you. Small to large, heavy to light and even ones with legs that grip. 

    Tripods for the Perfect Landscape, Film, Video or Photography Adventure 

    From the high-end of Really Right Stuff to the entry-level lines from Manfrotto, BorrowLenses has your tripod. In addition to heavy-duty tripods for filmmaking, we have travel tripods for hiking, affordable fluid head/tripod combos for your student film, and more. Here are some of our favorite tripods used by creative professionals to get more grounded:

    - The Sachtler Video 18 FT MS Flowtech 100 Tripod System combines the Video 18 S2 fluid head with the Flowtech 100 MS carbon fiber tripod and a mid-level spreader. Thanks to the high payload of this system, it is ideal for professional cinema cameras and broadcast camcorders.

    - The Really Right Stuff TVC-34L Versa Series 3 Carbon Fiber Tripod is an extra long support system that gets up to nearly 69" while still weighing under 5 lbs thanks to a patented carbon fiber weave for maximum strength and portability. This tripod is the ultimate solution for capturing the scene above crowds as well as for landscape, wildlife, and studio/portrait shooting.

    - The Manfrotto 546GB Tripod with 504HD Head and Dolly Kit comes with a tripod, a 504HD fluid video head, and a dolly with 5” wheels all in one rental. Turn your simple tripod system in a dynamic dolly system with ease. This kit is ideal for documentary work, event coverage, and filmmaking.

    - The Peak Design Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod has a load capacity of 20 lbs while weighing only 2.8 lbs and can be spread to sit only 5.5" above the ground. The unique, integrated ball head has a 360° panning range and a 90° tilt range. The center column has a weight hook that can be removed and replaced with the smartphone mount – a great option for vlogging and video conferencing.

    - The Manfrotto Befree Live Video Lever-Lock Tripod Kit is an ultra portable fluid head and 3-stage legs system. It features a -90° to +65° tilt range, complete 360° panning, a bubble level, independent lever-locking legs, and an EasyLink accessory mount port. It is ideal for traveling and vlogging.

    Frequently Asked Questions: 

    What Tripod Should I Buy?

    Tripods prices can be outrageous. It’s best to rent your camera tripod to make sure you like it before you buy it. Tripod rentals at BorrowLenses start at less than $3 a day for a 7 day rental.

    What is the Best Tripod for Travel Videography?

    There are a great number of brands which compete for the title of “Best”. Currently, the Manfrotto Befree Live Video Tripod Kit is a staff favorite and rents for less than $5 a day as part of 7 day rental.

    Which Tripod is Best for Landscape Photography?

    Looking for the best landscape photography tripod in a big ocean of tripod manufactures is a tortuous journey. Our team of camera techs have been using the Really Right Stuff TQC-14 Series 1 Carbon Fiber Tripod lately. This camera tripod is light, holds up to 25 lbs and rents for under $12 a day as part of a 7 day rental.

    Get the Most From Your Next Shoot with All The Right Gear for the Job

    Once you’ve chosen the tripod that’s perfect for your adventure, check out our selection of tripod heads because – don’t forget – tripods are the “legs” and they need a “head” to hold your camera and lens. See all of our tripod heads for rent.

    Get Great Gear and Save Money with BorrowLenses Used