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Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Long Telephoto Lenses
Long Telephoto Lenses
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  • Rentals of Telephoto Lenses are Within Your Reach!

    Long telephoto lenses provide some serious benefits – not to mention some protection. If you’re photographing wildlife or sports, you need to stay away from the action while somehow capturing it. This is where your lens length really matters. Even portrait photographers benefit from shooting at a distance sometimes.

    These specialty lenses can be incredibly unaffordable. This is where renting is so helpful, because sometimes only the longest lens will do. Taking an arctic cruise? Going on a photo safari? Standing at the very back of a graduation ceremony? Even just your average little league game benefits mightily from long telephoto lenses. In addition to providing reach, these lenses are sharp, produce gorgeous out-of-focus backgrounds, and often are equipped with awesome stabilization features. They look amazing and make you feel amazing out in the field.

    We offer one of the widest selection of still photography and video/film telephoto lenses to satisfy all your long needs. Everyone loves the long telephoto look, and professional photographers love using the 300mm, but there isn’t always room for it. There are times when the pros reach for a telephoto zoom lens just because they can’t compromise and a zoom gets the job done.

    BorrowLenses helps you capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments. Don’t rely on the kit lens that comes with your camera for these important events and trips. You also don’t have to spend your life’s savings on a big lens. The great thing is that you don’t have to worry about the price of these lenses – there is another way. Telephoto lens rentals, such as the renowned Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L, start at less than $9 a day for a 7 day rental!

    What Long Telephoto Lenses Does BorrowLenses Carry?

    Canon is the largest name in the camera industry but we don’t just carry Canon telephoto lenses, we also rent telephoto lenses from Sony, Nikon, Fuji, and Sigma – just to name a few. BorrowLenses boasts one of the largest collections of rentable long telephoto lenses, including:

    - The Canon RF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS Lens is part of Canon's new EOS R system, one of Canon's most important releases since the EOS system began about 30 years ago. To support the optical technologies of this new system, a new mount type – RF – has been introduced. RF lenses take full advantage of the benefits of a mirrorless design. This popular 70-200mm telephoto length is ideal for wildlife, events, and sports. The bright f/2.8 maximum aperture is maintained throughout the entire zoom range and the Optical Image Stabilization system minimizes the appearance of shake by up to five stops. Equipped with both a ring-type USM and STM mechanism, this lens obtains ultra quick and quiet focus suitable for both photo and video shooting. 

    - The Sony FE 200-600mm f/5.6-6.3 G OSS Lens is a super flexible zoom with a portable and lightweight design. It's equipped with a Direct Drive Super Sonic Wave Motor for quick AF performance, includes the latest Optical Image Stabilization, and is ideal for wildlife, portable enough for safari, and is a great choice for stadium events, ceremonies, and sports.

    - The Fuji XF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 R LM OIS WR Lens provides a long reach inside a build that can handle some of the harshest conditions, thanks to 13 distinct weather seals in 12 locations. It is reinforced by a twin linear AF motor for fast performance as well as 5 stops of optical image stabilization to minimize the appearance of camera shake when using slower shutter speeds in low-light conditions. This lens is designed specifically for outdoor use and is ideal for wildlife, safaris, and sports photography.

    - The Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM Lens is a versatile telephoto zoom designed for both full frame and crop frame sensor cameras. It has a weather-resistant barrel, making it suitable for wildlife and outdoor sports shooting. This lens is ideal for outdoor shooting, especially on subjects that are constantly changing distances. 

    - The Nikon 300mm f/4E AF-S PF ED VR Lens is extremely lightweight thanks to a Phase Fresnel lens which provides superior chromatic aberration compensation with fewer lens elements. It is a technology borrowed from Nikon's microscopes. The Vibration Reduction in this lens helps reduce camera shake by up to 4.5 shutter stops, making it suitable for low-light situations. A highly accurate electromagnetic diaphragm ensures consistent exposures even when shooting at high frame rates. This lens is ideal for sports and nature shooters but would also be an exceptional portrait lens.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is a telephoto lens?

    Telephoto lenses are long-focus lenses that typically are longer than 85mm. Telephoto lenses are generally more expensive than their “normal” range counterparts, which is why they make such popular rentals. Using a telephoto lens will get you that “zoomed-in” look characterized by beautiful out-of-focus backgrounds and strong subject-to-camera distances for a “compressed” appearance. Our most popular telephoto lens is the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L, an outstanding zoom telephoto lens that rents for less than $9 a day as part of a 7 day rental.

    Can I rent a telephoto lenses?

    Yes, BorrowLenses rents telephoto lenses. The Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L is an example of a zoom telephoto lens that rents for less than $9 a day as part of a 7 day rental. 70-200mm lenses are a staple in the gear bags of many professional photographers. BorrowLenses rents 70-200mm lenses from Canon, Sony, Nikon, and more. Rent now to see for yourself.

    Telephoto Lenses Are Available Now for Your Next Wildlife, Aerial, or Sporting Event 

    We have just about all lengths of telephoto lenses – from easy-to-use “walking around” zooms of 70-200mm, all the way up to mammoth 800mm primes.Once you’ve chosen the telephoto lens that fits your need, check out our selection of other photo lenses and camera equipment. BorrowLenses also rents camera accessories to make sure you have all the gear you need to go along with your telephoto lens rental, including support equipment, camera bags, and lens filters to help you have the perfect experience.

    Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
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