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Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Underwater Housing Accessories
Underwater Housing Accessories
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    AquaTech underwater equipment is never available for same-day pickup or for overnight shipping. It always needs at least a 2-day lead time for order preparation.

    Underwater Zoom Gears

    Zoom gears allows you to zoom your lens underwater with a port and housing. To use it, you will need to also rent an underwater lens port housing. Zoom gears are not required for underwater protection but if you don't use one, and opt to just use the lens port alone, then you will have to choose your focal length ahead of time on your zoom lens and stick to it throughout your underwater session.

    Renting Camera Housings for Underwater Shooting

    Underwater housings are durable devices that you can take with you underwater or anywhere you would not want a regular camera and lens getting wet. These housings are easy to use and are great for traveling. Photograph sea creatures, surfers, beautiful underwater scenery, and much more. You can use a housing unit no matter what the weather is without worrying about damaging your gear.

    BorrowLenses offers you the ability to rent underwater housings. By renting, you can save plenty of money if you only plan on using the housing once. Additionally, renting allows you to experiment with the latest technology without hurting your wallet. We rent the following:

  • Underwater Camera Housings
  • Underwater Lens Housings

    Quality Gear Rentals with Convenience

    When it comes to quality camera gear, BorrowLenses is the place to go. The opportunity to rent cameras and lenses is excellent for anyone who wants to give a device a test run before they go and buy it at full price. If you are into taking pictures underwater, you will want to take a look at our selection of underwater sport housings.

    You can choose from a variety of housing types for your underwater shooting needs. Check out the selection before your next trip to the beach or pool to find the best unit for you. Learn all about compatibility in our Ultimate AquaTech Underwater Compatibility Guide for Camera and Lens Rentals.

  • Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
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