The Elegant Simplicity of Building a MyPublisher Photo Album

The Elegant Simplicity of Building a MyPublisher Photo Album

For professionals and hobbyists alike, photo books are usually on our to-do list and get postponed because they’re often expensive, take time to build, and the quality is unpredictable. They are worth making because they can be awesome keepsakes or portfolios. There is something about the tactile experience of flipping through the pages of a real book. Swiping on an iPad just isn’t the same. I am on the hunt for a great photo book company. Here are my personal observations after trying out MyPublisher.


There is something about the tactile experience of flipping through the pages of a real book. Swiping on an iPad just isn’t the same. I am on the hunt for the perfect photo book.

The Elegant Simplicity of Building a MyPublisher Photo Book
by Alex Huff

Photo books often fall into two camps: kitschy scrapbook or modern minimalist. When tasked with a MyPublisher review, I was hesitant at first. I didn’t want to take the time to learn the ins and outs of building a good portfolio book and I also didn’t want to be limited to decorative “themes” for events I don’t have pictures for (think “baby shower” embellishments).

I’m relieved to say that MyPublisher does it all, to one’s taste, and easily.

Screenshot 2014-04-16 16.08.53

First, download the MyPublisher Book Maker for either PC and Mac.

Workflow: MyPublisher Book Maker

To get started, you will need to download the MyPublisher Book Maker for either PC and Mac. Here is my quick takeaway on using it:

The Pros:

  • Drag and drop functionality.
  • Integrates with your local files and folders (and, in their recent update, with your Facebook account if you opt for it).
  • “Check Price” button to make sure you aren’t going over your personal budget (I LOVE this).
  • Ability to share your finished project with others for review.
  • Small program that doesn’t take up a lot of space (around 32MB).
  • Ability to work on your project locally and offline (I built my book on the plane).
  • Multiple free downloads – I have the MyPublisher Book Maker on both of my computers.

Drag and drop functionality and integration with local files makes using MyPublisher Book Maker easy.

The Cons:

  • Doesn’t save to the cloud. For example, if you are working on a project at home, you won’t see those projects or changes on the MyPublisher Book Maker on your work machine.
  • You need to actually download the Book Maker – a bummer for those extreme desktop minimalists.
  • Sharing your project from the Book Maker is limited to email. To share your project to social networks, do it via your My Projects page on the MyPublisher website.
  • Tons of advertising popups both on their site and on the Book Maker. You can disable them easily, and some of them have useful coupon codes to save you money, but annoying nonetheless.
  • Doesn’t auto-save. You need to remember to save periodically. UPDATE: It has been pointed out to me that the Booker Maker actually does auto-save every 15 minutes. Huzzah! I just must not have noticed.

The pros outweigh the cons. In a world where everything is going to the cloud, I actually enjoyed using an offline client. I was able to be creative and pass the time while on the plane and as soon as I got online after landing I purchased the book.


Multiple size choices, a variety of cover options, and several high-end paper will allow you to get what you expect.

Creativity: Book Options

Between me and a colleague, 3 books were ordered:

• 100 Page Deluxe Hardcover with Picture Window in Leather (15″ x 11.5″). My colleague made a wedding album using this option.
• 48 Page Pocketbook with PhotoFinish Hardcover (7.75″ x 5.75″). I made a pictorial genealogy keepsake book using this option.
• 34 Page Deluxe Hardcover with Book Jacket (15″ x 11.5″). I made a portfolio of my studio portrait work using this option.

Other sizes include a Mini (3.5″ x 2.75″) and Classic (11.25″ x 8.75″). Minis are limited to 20 pages and the rest max out at 100 pages. With the ability to include up to 12 photos on a single page, 100 pages will get you A LOT of work printed in 1 book.


The Deluxe books make impressive portfolio showcase pieces.

Fun Features

Covers: You can get a hardcover with a picture on it or a blank hardcover and a glossy book jacket (I did the latter). Alternatively, you can spring for a leather book with a picture window (which is what my colleague did).


If your colors or shadows don’t look right to you, MyPublisher is quick to remedy.

Paper: You can opt to get “lay flat” pages or standard. Paper comes in either satin or matte finish, with an option for a Deluxe upgrade (heavier paper). All paper is PH neutral and derived from sustainably-controlled forests.


Leather and linen slip cases help protect your book.

Protection: Another add-on includes the “super gloss” which I got for the genealogy book. Note that if you choose matte finish but then get the “super gloss” the super gloss overrides any of your matte intensions. That seems like a given but it’s actually not that clear when going through the add-ons. The benefits of the super gloss is even thicker pages and scratch/spill resistance – good for kids books.


The book costs range from as low at $2.99 up to over $400 if you’re getting every single bell and whistle – still affordable for a 100 page pro-quality book with all the trimmings, especially for very special occasions like weddings. Additionally, MyPublisher has frequent sales with buy 1, get 1 free specials – making even the most expensive book closer to $200.

You can choose your style of liner paper for the inside of the covers, many of which are free. Lastly, you can purchase a dust jacket to house your entire book in.


The “super gloss” coating protects your pages even from water spills. I was able to wipe this water right off.

Pre-Made vs Custom-Made Book Building

There are two ways to start creating your book in MyPublisher’s Book Maker: Simple Publisher and Custom Publisher. You will get a prompt asking you which one you’d like to start with.


You can build your book from scratch, use templates, or do something in between with presets that can be adjusted.

Custom Publisher allows you to build your book page-by-page with the option to use either their page layout designs or custom ones. For my portfolio book, I made all of my images conform to the pre-made page layouts for time expediency but I’ll admit that I made some artistic concessions in order to save time.

Screenshot 2014-04-14 15.17.11

For my portfolio book, I made all of my images conform to the pre-made page layouts for time expediency.

However, you don’t HAVE to use MyPublisher’s page layouts. You can create completely custom pages with photo boxes and text boxes and there are options to control the exact arrangements and sizes of them. This is what my colleague did for his wedding book.


Look at his setup – of course he did a completely custom book!

This is a fantastic option if you have images in strange dimensions or simply if you have a certain look in mind that the presets don’t conform to. Also, the photo boxes snap into alignment with one another so even if you are creating a page from scratch you don’t have to bust out the rulers.


For most templates (and certainly for custom designs) you can stuff many pictures onto each page. If you’re getting the Deluxe size, this can be an affordable way to get the maximum number of images possible preserved in a book.

If the idea of layouts, pre-made by MyPublisher or not, is daunting to you then there is an even easier option: Simple Publisher. I used this for my genealogy keepsake book. I chose the “Vintage” style, which allows me to choose a different “old timey” looking spread for each page and the number of pictures I want for each spread and it takes care of the rest. It’s fast, it’s cute, and turned out great. My only caution: keep in mind the size of your book when putting in photo captions. The font on my Pocketbook turned out much smaller than expected because I was glamoured by the large preview view in MyPublisher’s Book Maker. Keep that in mind when choosing your fonts, which, by the way, are easy to change and come in a bunch of styles.


I chose the “Vintage” style, which allows me to choose a different “old timey” looking spread for each page and the number of pictures I want for each spread.

If there is a problem with your book, the Book Maker will tell you ahead of time, identify the page number the problem is on, and tell you whether or not you fixed it. This was great for me because I uploaded items that were too low of resolution to print and I would have never known it had the program not told me. You can override any of these prompts, too, if you “made an error” on purpose.


Page numbers range from up to 20 to up to 100 per book.


With prices starting at $2.99, you don’t have to break the bank to get a book made. My colleague attempted to spend as much as possible just to get a sense of how high people can expect to spend if they go hog wild.


This is the Deluxe size but Pocketbooks and Minis would be suitable gifts, especially if purchasing for multiple clients/family members.

At 100 pages with every single possible bell and whistle imaginable, he spent just over $400. Couple that with one of MyPublisher‘s almost daily deals (not to mention frequent buy 1, get 1 free specials) and you can get a substantial album for less than the cost of an average large scale-print from places like ProDPI. With the buy 1, get 1 free option, the price goes down to closer to $200 on even your biggest and fanciest book. Using one of their frequent promos, you can get a Classic 100 page book for $35. Check the MyPublisher homepage (or subscribe to their newsletter) for other promotions like 50% off a $100 book. For smaller keepsakes, you can make a 20 page Pocketbook for less than the average Secret Santa or party favor budget (you’re welcome for the ideas).


The arrival boxes are attractive on their own but would also be super easy to wrap.

Presentation: Book Arrival and Results

The packaging the books arrive in is nice enough to hand over as a gift directly. The album contents are bookended by vellum, which we thought was a touch unnecessary but I’ll admit that it gives the entire thing an air of sophistication and doesn’t cost extra. I did take umbrage with how the blacks on my portfolio turned out (I’m picky about my dark tones). My Publisher was quick to respond to this and immediately offered a reprint. If you are nervous about being on the hook for a printing error, don’t be. MyPublisher’s top concern is producing a good product.


Vellum bookends your pages.

My colleague’s behemoth wedding book, on the other hand, came out perfectly. The linen slip case is probably worth the extra cost – it will save my book from scuffs. Speaking of scuffs, the “super gloss” is a worthy choice unless you prefer the look and feel of matte (which I often to). The super gloss does feel stronger and I could spill water on it and my pages would be fine. However, it’s not as “romantic” looking as matte finish. In my opinion, get the super gloss for family albums or for portfolio albums that will be hitting the road and need extra protection. Skip it if you’re making a fine art book – forgoing it will not compromise the color and reproduction quality at all.


Color reproduction is great, even for solid colors across large prints.

The color reproduction is very accurate. Often prints will come out darker than you expect them to but MyPublisher’s were right on-point. My old family photos, which were hurriedly scanned and have seen better days, had new life breathed into them when reproduced in a MyPublisher album.


My old family photos are safer being put into a MyPublisher book. I can now keep the originals safely stored. The color reproduction – even on old black and whites with different age tones – came out exactly like the originals.

Take the time to make a photo book. I find that people are going crazy for physical books now more than ever because of their scarcity. If you’re as gun shy about who to print through as I was, go with MyPublisher and see what you think. I was impressed enough that I am inspired now to make a book for every possible reason: family reunions, gifts for clients, preserving old photos, and special occasions.

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Alexandria Huff's photography and lighting tutorials can be found on 500px and her blog. She is a Marketing Coordinator for and also writes for SmugMug. She learned about lighting and teaching while modeling for photographers such as Joe McNally and has since gone on to teach lighting workshops of her own in San Francisco. See her chiaroscuro-style painterly portraits on her website.


  1. The very first book I had printed with My Publisher was about 9 years ago. I loved being able to design my own custom book. As luck would have it, I looked at that very first book today — it was well kept, on a bookshelf, with doors, hidden from sunlight. Even so, the window had discolored the portion of the first page beneath. I’m not sure how My Publisher paper/coating has changed since, but I hope this problem was addressed. It feels like for the higher-end books with this option it’s actually a disadvantage.

  2. I like standard hardcover lay-flat MyPublisher books for personal stuffs. They seem to be one of the best everyday budget options from what I have found. I would never sell one of these to my clients however. When you compare it with professional albums such as RedTree & Madera, there is no comparison. Price gap between those and MyPublisher is huge, but ultimately you get what you pay for.

  3. my book is too big, any suggestions on how to make it into two books without loosing all the work I have done.

  4. Hi Wendy! I recommend using the “Save As” function to save two different copies of your book under two different names. You may then delete the unwanted pages from each copy of the book without the need to remake anything from scratch. If you have any further questions, please contact us by phone 877-411-6978, email:, or you may use our chat service on

  5. I am about to start a 50+ page family history book with both pictures and text. I was going to use Blurb but see so many negative comments about service and I like lay-flat. My concern here is with text? I will have a lot of text I am prepared to copy from Word into text boxes. Is this the best program for photo and text?

    • Hi Jon. While you can certainly copy and paste large amounts of text from Word into the MyPublisher software, please note that some of the formatting may change. Basic options (font style, size, color, italics, bold, etc…) should remain intact, but advanced options (shadow, blur, fill, outline, etc…) might not paste properly. I suggest you try pasting several different things into a text box prior to creating the entire book just to ensure that you can create it how you’d like. If you have any further questions, please contact us by phone 877-411-6978, email:, or you may use our chat service on

  6. My friend is designing my wedding album layout using photoshop as her gift to me. Do you know if we would be able to upload page by page the final layout into MyPublisher’s software as a way to avoid having to do it from scratch in their interface? Any watchouts you can offer in this approach? Alternatively, if you can recommend a better vendor for our approach, I’m very interested to hear! Thanks, your blog was very insightful.

    • Hi Jessica. Many of our customers utilize Photoshop to create their own custom layouts, so that will be fine. Just be sure to export those layouts (i.e. pages) in jpeg format, then you will be able to insert them page-by-page into our software. The only item you may need to watch out for would be cutoff at the edges of a full bleed layout. Please be aware that 1/8″ is trimmed around all edges of the pages when cut, and 1/4″ of the edge is lost in the center, where the two pages meet. If you have any further questions, please contact us by phone 877-411-6978, email:, or you may use our chat service on

  7. I have a book partially made and now want to add morephotos. I see that button, but it is grayed out. Help, please!!

  8. Can I create a book on my desktop computer, save it, and then open it on my laptop? I have tried this but it doesn’t seem to work, which seems a bit ridiculous, so I must be doing something incorrectly. Please advise/

  9. I ordered photo books which arrived on time and correct, spent $470 on this order of 6 photo books. The software takes a little getting used to and my photos appeared darker then on my screen but overall an easy process that let’s you design or it’s pulled together for you. But beware, customer service is non-existent and the accessories I ordered still haven’t arrived. Between email, internet chat and several phone calls I’ve spent over an hour and a half on the phone in the last ten days with no progress. They’ve taken my $$ but won’t send me the envelopes for the inside covers of the books.
    If I get them in the next few days I can finish the 6 photo books but will have to ship expedited to arrive for Christmas. A lot of extra $$$ because they won’t deliver their end of the deal. MyPublisher really doesn’t seem to care. A great product but I would only order using a credit card that will hold payment in case you have problems.

    • Steph – With regards to printing, I have learned this the hard way, too. Stuff almost always prints darker than expected. I have found this to be the case everywhere so now I plan for it when prepping stuff to print. As for the customer service stuff, I have notified someone at MyPub (I only have an email) so hopefully they’ll jump on this thread soon. 🙂

  10. Hello Steph,

    I’m sorry that you had issues with your most recent order. However, ill be glad to help you get this problem resolved. May I have your order number ?

    Thank you,


  11. Hello Alexandria,

    Was your issue recently resolved ?

    I would be glad to help as well . May I have your order number ?

    Thank you,


    • Danny – I did not have a question. You can see in the thread that I wrote the review and was replying to Steph’s issue. 🙂

  12. We used mypublisher to create our books. They were designed to send to people as Christmas presents so ordered 30 of them well in advance. We got our delivery really quickly but found an issue with the cover not wrapping around the spine properly. The colour was wrong and the spines being misaligned!

    Really disappointed with the service we received from Mypublisher. When we contacted Mypublisher they were really slow getting back to us and not overly interested in helping us sort this out. Given the timeframe we did not have the luxury of sending these back for review before replacements could be arranged. Their responses (when we finally received them) were standard issue responses rather than taking into account our personal situation and trying to help rectify the situation. In the end we had to use the books as they were produced.

    • Hi Rita. It’s certainly disappointing that we here at MyPublisher were unable to help you out with your order. If you’d like to provide your order number, I can look into this situation and see what can be done. I’m uncertain if you still need to have the books replaced, or if there’s something else you’d like to ask of us. You may also reach out to customer service if you feel that posting here is too cumbersome: 877-411-6978 &

  13. This is a very nice blog. I really appreciate you. Thanks for sharing. Looking for the best photobooth rental services in San Diego? Come to AFlyingCamera, we also makes flipbook for your party, wedding and many more. Call us today!

  14. I have used MyPublisher for a few years now making my books on a Mac Computer. Now I want to buy a Mac laptop to be more portable. Can I use my existing account on a laptop, how can I install it on the laptop? Will be grateful for your advice

  15. I am just beside myself right now. The My Publisher software just destroyed my entire photo book. I have spent hours and hours and hours (A LOT) of time creating a photo book. It had hundreds of photos, text boxes, decorative accents, etc. with everything arranged just so (again, hours and hours worth of work). I decided right before I was done to delete two pages out of the book. When I did that, I noticed that the formatting/layouts on the subsequent two pages were wrong, so I fixed those two pages. Unfortunately, over the next few minutes, the more I fixed, the bigger the problem got, with the end result looking like someone had just taken all the photos, text boxes and decorative accents in the book, thrown them up in the air and they had landed haphazardly back on the pages. Unfortunately, by the time I discovered the scope of the problem, it was too late to press “undo.” The photobook is ruined! All my time and effort gone! I called My Publisher, and they blamed it on me having an “old” version of the software. I originally downloaded the software 6 months ago, so its not that old, plus its not like they send you emails when there’s a new version available. You’re just expected to check their site daily to make sure there’s not a newer version to download. I am so sick about this. I will never use My Publisher again!!

    • Hi Rachel,
      I’m terribly for the issue with your book, and I’d like to see if I can help. Please send an email to and put “Attn: Tom” in the subject line so it routes to me. I will follow up with you to see if anything can be done.

      • Hi Tom,

        I tried sending another email to and put “Attn: Tom” in the subject line, but I got a response today from a different person in customer service. I guess it didn’t route directly to you. Any other options?


        • I’m sorry that your message was not routed to me! Are you able to reply and in the message request to have me follow up with you?

          • Tom, despite all my attempts to reach you, I never was able to connect with you. I’m not sure why I never heard back from you, but my issue was never resolved.

  16. I am about finished with my book, small tribute to my dog who passed last year, so not a big deal, but Publisher has gone dark. I can open the app but cannot retrieve a file. Everything is “greyed” out. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Jeanie,
      I’m so sorry for your loss. I’m uncertain precisely where you’re running into an issue, but to clarify, are you in the software under File–>Open Book and unable to locate your project? Also, please ensure that you are on the same computer where you began the project (it does seem like you are).

  17. I like mypublisher, but I do not like how apparently I won’t be able to pull up a saved project from version 8 on my version 9 computer, and I do not like how they forced the upgrade by stopping to support versions 7 and 8 entirely. Do I have to design a whole new book to try to replicate what I had?

    • Hi there. You can pull up a project from version 8 in the version 9 software, but please note, since the files are saved locally on your computer’s hard drive, there is no link between the software on each computer. In other words, you would need to use a disc or flash drive to transfer a project from one computer to another.
      To do so, just open the project on the original computer where it’s saved, then click on File–>Export. You may save this file onto a disc or flash drive, then copy it onto the second computer. Open up the MyPublisher software on the other computer, then click on File–>Import to open the project up.
      Also, you do not need to redesign an existing project; the upgraded version will still open up projects made in older versions.

  18. I have used Mypublisher before and been impressed by their quality of their books but when things go wrong it is bad news for the customer. After doing several previous books with them I decided make another book with my publisher, however this time it would not upload to the site, this lead me to five or 6 calls and a month with customer service before being able to upload the book to their website which then after 3 weeks the book was mailed to the wrong address to which Mypuvblisher refused to send a replacement copy of issue a refund stating their return policy below:

    All items, materials or Services purchased through MyPublisher are made
    pursuant to a shipment contract. This means that the risk of loss and
    title for such items pass to you upon our delivery to our carrier.

    This is absurd to spend hours creating a book spend $100+ dollars on it wait 3 months and then never receive it or be issued a refund

    • Tom W, I wouldn’t bother with contacting Tom from MyPublisher who replied to your comment below. He invited me to contact him as well, but he never responded to me. It was just more wasted time. Just don’t use My Publisher ever again and save yourself the hassle.

  19. Hi Tom. I’m so terribly sorry for this poor experience. Please send an email to and put “Attn: Tom” in the subject line so it will be forwarded to me. Just include your order number, and I’ll work with you to resolve this.

  20. Save yourself the trouble and use another vendor. I really like the quality of the MyPublisher photo books and the fact that they have an off-line application for developing a photobook. What I do not like is their customer support.

    I have been trying for about 6 weeks now to get a photo book printed. I get an error = 0 generated by the software but no one at MyPublsiher can explain what that means. I have spent hours on the phone with them and many many Emails. I sent in an Email with specifics about the problems I was having and recieved in response “Thank you for contacting the Customer Care Team. We’re very sorry to hear you’ve had an unsatisfactory experience with us, and will forward your feedback to the appropriate departments. MyPublisher is constantly working on improving products, systems, and providing a pleasant customer experience. Again we’re truly sorry you were unhappy with your experience with us and will review your experience to ensure we use it to improve.”

    They have no means for a customer to change their Email address even if that Email address is no longer valid. It must be forwarded to “the management team” and “it takes 24 to 72 hours” and only becomes effective when one places a new order. Catch-22 if one can’t place an order due to technical problems!

    Be smart. Use another vendor for your photo books if you want the photo book in a timely manner. Despite the fact that I will have to duplicate my work, I am in the process of creating my photobook with another vendor. As I said I am really disappointed because I love the quality of the MyPublisher books, but if I can’t get the books, quality is irrelavent.

  21. I just completed my wedding album, and have been trying to upload it to the MyPublisher site for purchase and printing. I keep getting this error:

    We’re sorry.
    We’ve experienced a technical error.If you were uploading a project, please go back to the software to try again.

    If you were purchasing a project from our website, you can access it on your
    My Projects, page to continue with your purchase or go back and re-edit it.
    If the problem persists, feel free to call or email us for assistance.
    Call: 877.411.6978 or email:

    I’ve tried uploading via two different computers, one running Windows 10, and one running Windows 7. I have the newest version of the software on both computers – downloaded within the last 2 weeks. Does anyone have any idea how to get the book uploaded? I tried a small “test” book, like they suggest on their FAQs page, and it uploads just fine. But my 61-page wedding album just won’t go…help! Trying to get this taken care of today, to take advantage of the current coupon code!

    • Hi Sheila. I’m so sorry for the uploading trouble, but you may try these general tips to remedy this:

      If possible, try uploading with a wired connection rather than wireless
      If you suspect that your network might be the issue, you may try uploading from another network
      If you receive an error message about a particular image, then you may need to remove that image to upload

      If you continue to have difficulty, then please contact customer service for assistance: 877-411-6978

      You may also email MyPublisher customer service at or you may use our chat service here:

  22. Well…. I got done with my book and tried checking out. But I kept getting the following error messages every time I click “Continue to Purchase”:
    1) The webpage cannot be found (HTTP 400 Bad Request)
    2) Sorry we cannot connect to MyPublisher server

    I have enabled cookies, have the latest MyPublisher (downloaded a couple days ago), played with switching default browsers from Internet Explorer to Firefox, allowed MyPublisher full access to the Internet through Windows Firewall, and played with enabling/disabling Windows Firewall.
    But nothing is working…. any ideas? (I did contact customer service and they said they would send the request to the Technical Support team, but I haven’t heard back)

    • Hi Jessica,
      Did you fix the problem?? I have same problem right now…

  23. Worst. Spent hours redesigning my books, thrilled to try out my publisher.

    What the…. Over $100 to ship 15 5×7 20pg books? No.

    qualty wise ordering from a pro printer is far more cost effective! Way cheaper … And millers lab ships overnight fed ex. Free.

    I was sure to share a screenshot of their shipping prices on fb. Bc otherwise folks ho through the hassle of designing and likely just bite the bullet due to the hard work they put in…and end up paying full price in the end with the rip off shipping scam.

    Lame. There should be a law against jacket nig shipping costs.

  24. I am having massive troubles with My Publisher since upgrading my MacBook to El Capitan. Everything keeps crashing, not everything I have become used to using works any more etc etc. Now I am in the middle of. Special new book and am horrified at the thought of losing it. Can I back it up on a portable hard drive situation. If so, HOW? Thanks.

    • Anne, did you ever get an answer. I have been a mypub user for years. have done probably 20 books. This last book I did crashed multiple times. I sent it to print and actually not even sure it is in the process. I am a Mac user so wondering if that is the issue. I also have an old book on my external hard drive that I have not been able to find or bring into the software. I had hours and hours of work into and not looking forward to redoing. might have to try someone else.



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