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Metabones Canon EF to Sony NEX Speed Booster Adds Full Frame Versatility in the Crop Sensor Video World

Canon, Gear Reviews, Photography, Sony, Videography

Learn more about how this adapter can widen your lenses and give you an extra f-stop for a full frame effect on cropped sensors....

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The Canon 1D C Has Key Features for On-the-Go Filmmakers

Videography • 13 Comments

Canon's latest hybrid HDSLR is a great tool for combo photographer/filmmakers who need something as powerful as it is portable. Rent the 1D...

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All About the Canon 40mm Pancake Lens

Canon, Photography • 19 Comments

Important things you need to know about the Canon 40mm pancake lens and its Stepping Motor technology....

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Introduction to Lens Adapters

Cinema Lenses, Photography, Photography Lenses, Videography

With the help of certain adapters, you can attach nearly any cinema or photography lens to cameras in a variety of mount types. Here is a...

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