Tag: Microphones for Video

Learn the basics of using microphones to record sound for documentary-style sit-down interviews, narrative films, podcasts, vlogging, and more.

Recording Audio for Sit-Down Interviews

Audio, Streaming & Vlogging, Videography • One Comment

Learn the basics of recording audio for documentary-style sit-down interviews. We'll cover how to use a boompole, proper boom placement,...

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Microphones for Beginners: Mics for Interviews and Events

Audio, Streaming & Vlogging, Videography • 3 Comments

If you're shooting video for a wedding or making your first documentary, then finding the right microphone setup is just as important as...

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Introduction to Portable Audio Recorders

Audio, Streaming & Vlogging, Videography

Portable recorders are simple to operate but understanding the workflow will help make editing in post-production easier. Here is a brief...

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The Beginner Videographer’s Guide to Frequency Blocks

Audio, Streaming & Vlogging, Videography • 2 Comments

Wireless mics are an essential part of documentary filmmaking but if you're going to use them you need to get familiar with frequency...

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