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Remote Nature Photography Tips When Traveling Alone

Landscape Photography

How to travel alone in more remote areas as a nature photographer, including map resources, good emergency supplies, and my favorite photo...

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6 Best Compact Cameras for Travel in 2019

Gear Reviews, Photography, Travel and Vacation Photography

If you're looking for a compact camera to take on your next travel adventure, check out our list of favorites. We've broken it down by size...

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Tips and Inspiration for Photographing National Parks

Landscape Photography, National Parks Photography, Photography, Wildlife Photography

What you need to know about shooting in National Parks, including what gear to bring, composing your shots, travel tips, and the best time...

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Street Photography for the Shy

Photography, Street Photography • 2 Comments

Photographing strangers candidly can be extremely intimidating. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you capture the world around you....

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7 Tips for Capturing Better Environmental Portraits

Photography, Portrait Photography, Travel and Vacation Photography • One Comment

An environmental portrait is defined as a portrait executed in a subject’s usual environment, such as in their home or workplace, and...

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Nepal and the Himalayas: A Must on a Photographer’s Bucket List

Photography, Travel and Vacation Photography • 97 Comments

I specialize in fine art panoramic landscape photography, wildlife photography, and indigenous portraiture from remote locations around the...

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Alternative Ways To Photograph Iconic Landmarks

Photography, Travel and Vacation Photography • 2 Comments

Travel photography is extremely popular and it's hard to get a unique shot of a major tourist attraction. Here are some ideas for how to...

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Serene Travel Photography with the Canon EOS-M

Photography, Travel and Vacation Photography

The Canon 5D Mark II has long been Tristan Pott’s go-to camera for capturing snippets of Japan and Taiwan, where he has been living...

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