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A Guide to Understanding Focal Length: Camera Zoom & Lenses

Photography, Photography Lenses

By learning how to choose your focal length, you can take a more mindful approach to photography and achieve the perfect shot. ...

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A Beginner’s Guide to Medium Format Cameras

Medium Format, Photography

An introduction to medium format sensors and why they might be worth it for your next fine art portrait or landscape shoot. Learn about how...

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Sensor Size and Filmmaking: Choosing the Right Camera for Your Project

4K Cameras, Videography • 2 Comments

A brief overview of full frame sensor camera usage in filmmaking and what different sensors mean for your depth of field, field of view,...

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Aspect Ratios and Sensor Sizes for Video Beginners


Digital video aspect ratios have caused a little bit of confusion among beginner filmmakers. Learn the difference between DAR, PAR, and SAR...

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