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S-Log is a gamma curve designed specifically for grading in post-production. It allows you to shoot and then adjust the look of the footage afterward with full flexibility. S-Log footage is easier to enhance than average footage but requires dedicated grading software.

The 7 Best DSLRs & Mirrorless Cameras for Video

Gear Reviews, Videography • 30 Comments

Creating content to support your brand on YouTube or just flexing your own creative storytelling? Here are 7 amazing new cameras for video....

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The Sony FS5 Real World Field Report and Review

4K Cameras, Gear Reviews, Sony, Videography • One Comment

Normally a C100 shooter, I was faced with some circumstances that dictated I should shoot with the Sony FS5 instead. Here are some of the...

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S-Log2 4K Samples for Sony a7R II and a7S II

4K Cameras, Sony, Video Editing, Videography

Is there a difference between the a7S II and the a7R II in normal shooting conditions? Let's compare them using S-Log2 4K....

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Field Report: Sony a7S II S-Log2 vs S-Log3 Test

Videography • 3 Comments

The Sony a7SII has a couple of neat features that make it a worthy upgrade over its predecessor. It still has the same class-leading...

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Color Grading Made Eas(ier) with FilmConvert

Video Editing, Videography

Learn more about FilmConvert, a beginner-friendly color grading resources for new filmmakers. Read about my experience using FilmConvert as...

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