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BL Spotlight with Sports Portraiture Photographer Alexis Cuarezma

Photography, Sports Photography

Sports and fitness photographer Alexis Cuarezma has been on a roll these past few years after landing high-profile clients such as Sports...

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Illuminating the Face, by Peter Hurley: A Review

Photography, Portrait Photography

Back in 2011, photographer Peter Hurley teamed up with our friends over at FStoppers to create a tutorial video called The Art Behind The...

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Capture Motion in Car Photography with these Shot List Tips

Photography, Sports Photography • 14 Comments

Interested in car photography? Jim Frenak, lead photographer at FPI Studios, recently shot the new 2014 Chevy Impala for Chevy's West Coast...

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Wireless Flash Firing for a DIY Photobooth

Lighting • 3 Comments

Learn how to put together a photobooth for a small space using flashes and Pocket Wizards for wireless lighting and remote shutter...

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Understanding Softboxes

Lighting • One Comment

Off-camera strobes and other forms of lighting have become remarkably approachable over the past few years. The knowledge and information...

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