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How to Quickly and Effectively Edit RAW Files in Lightroom

Photography, Photography Editing • 2 Comments

I'll take you step-by-step through my Lightroom editing process, which is a straightforward way to approach RAW files to get the final...

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Tips for Shooting Backlit Portraits


Correctly taking advantage of a backlit situation has the potential to unlock eye-catching images with its inherent atmospheric and...

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BL Spotlight with Graphic Designer and Photographer Joshua Fortuna


Triple threat graphic designer, photographer, and videographer Joshua Fortuna has created quite the Instagram following over the past few...

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BL Spotlight with Sports Portraiture Photographer Alexis Cuarezma

Photography, Sports Photography

Sports and fitness photographer Alexis Cuarezma has been on a roll these past few years after landing high-profile clients such as Sports...

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Personal Bests of 2015 – Get Inspired and Share Yours

Event Photography, Landscape Photography, Photography, Portrait Photography, Videography • 3 Comments

A year in review reveals improvements in our work – whether we realized it along the way or not. Even the pros take stock of their...

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Improve Your Macro Photography with Micro Four Thirds Cameras

Gear Reviews, Macro Photography, Photography • 13 Comments

The world of macro photography has been an interest for me ever since I got my first camera. That camera was a little Casio point and shoot...

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6 Tips for Taking Portraits in Bright Sun

Lighting • 19 Comments

Shooting in the middle of the day is a photography no-no but sometimes, especially when traveling, you have no choice but to make the most...

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Going Long On a Budget: The Tamron 150-600mm Telephoto Lens

Gear Reviews • 8 Comments

I’m kind of a big fan of Canon and Nikon’s long glass. More than once I’ve taken either Nikon’s 800mm or 600mm lenses with a fast...

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Swap Out That Wide Angle Lens for Your Landscape Photography

Landscape Photography • 5 Comments

Landscape shooters love their wide-angle lenses. From the amazing Nikon 14–24mm f/2.8 to the new Canon 11–24mm f/4, it’s usually the...

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4th of July Photography Tips for Beginners

Event Photography, Fireworks Photography, Photography, Travel and Vacation Photography

For most photo enthusiasts, 4th of July is more than a holiday - it is a day to practice some challenging shooting situations beyond just...

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