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New Rental Search Feature: See Gear Rental Availability in Real Time

BL New Features & Announcements

We have a new feature on our site that will help you better plan for your shoots and get the gear you need when you need it. Check out our...

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Field Report: The Fuji X-T2

Fuji, Photography • 10 Comments

Placing my order for the Fuji X-T2 was a no-brainer. After cycling through multiple platforms for the last four years, I was finally ready...

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6 Tips for Taking Portraits in Bright Sun

Lighting • 14 Comments

Shooting in the middle of the day is a photography no-no but sometimes, especially when traveling, you have no choice but to make the most...

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Leverage Multiple Camera Platforms with Adapters

Gear Reviews • 3 Comments

To marry that Nikon lens to my 5D Mark II, I used this Nikon G lens to Canon adapter. I added a lens hood I own to the setup to avoid some...

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Atomos Shogun First Impressions


A couple of weeks ago, we posted a few tips for folks shooting with the Atomos Shogun external monitor/recorder. I’ve had some time...

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Illuminating the Face, by Peter Hurley: A Review

Photography, Portrait Photography

Back in 2011, photographer Peter Hurley teamed up with our friends over at FStoppers to create a tutorial video called The Art Behind The...

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Fuji X-T1: First Impressions

Fuji, Photography • 2 Comments

One of the most eagerly awaited cameras of the year arrived earlier this month, and I took some time to put it through its paces. A more...

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Working With Magic Lantern RAW Files

Video Editing, Videography • 11 Comments

Learn 3 ways to work with Magic Lantern RAW files, the firmware hack that gives you greater control over white balance and creates a file...

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The Five Best Lenses for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (BMPCC)

Blackmagic Design, Videography • 8 Comments

I've been playing with the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera for a few weeks now and have, after much experimentation, finally narrowed the...

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Gear Spotlight: Is the 24-70mm f/4 IS Canon’s Best General-Purpose Zoom?

Gear Reviews • 4 Comments

The 24-70mm zoom range is one of the most popular zoom ranges on any camera, and most manufacturers have at least one lens in that...

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