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How to Make an Outdoor Adventure Documentary – Behind the Scenes of Visions of the Lost Sierra

Behind the Scenes, Video Editing, Videography • One Comment

Tips on creating a nature documentary, including how to interview subjects in natural light, what gear to use, and other filmmaking tips....

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Advice for Making a Web Series: Behind the Scenes of 18 Grand

Behind the Scenes, Videography

Learn about the techniques used to make a 7-episode web series, including lighting tricks, transforming a space into a set, and working...

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Intro to Depth of Field in Filmmaking


Get a quick understanding of depth of field for more cinematic results. Learn how aperture, distance, and focal length all play a role....

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Do You Need 4K? An Independent Filmmaker’s Experience

4K Cameras, Videography • 4 Comments

To 4K or not to 4K? This is the question every filmmaker faces these days. Learn about what 4K is and what it means for your production and...

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Photography vs Cinema Lenses: What New Videographers Need to Know

Cinema Lenses, Photography, Videography • 6 Comments

There are major differences between photography and cinema lenses that beginner videographers must know before starting their film...

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The Sony FS5 Real World Field Report and Review

4K Cameras, Gear Reviews, Sony, Videography • One Comment

Normally a C100 shooter, I was faced with some circumstances that dictated I should shoot with the Sony FS5 instead. Here are some of the...

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Follow Focus Like a Pro: Intro to Follow Focus Units for New Filmmakers

Cinema Lenses, Videography • 2 Comments

So, you want to try rack focusing with a follow focus unit but you have no idea what any of that means. How do you set them up? How do they...

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Dead-lifting the GoPro Hero 4 Silver

Behind the Scenes, GoPro Action Cameras • One Comment

Kenneth M. Ruggiano's work has appeared in ESPN The Magazine, Sports Illustrated, The Hollywood Reporter and Golf Digest. Recently, he...

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Quickly Improve Your Video Shooting with Redrock and Rokinon


Unless you're a full time filmmaker, you're only video gear is probably a humble DSLR and a tripod. Technically, this is all you need and...

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