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The Best Nikon for Night Photography

Gear Reviews, Night Photography, Photography • 50 Comments

Want to know what the best Nikon camera is for night photography? I put all of the major Nikon bodies (as of this writing) to the test....

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Shooting Fast Action with a D800E

Gear Reviews • 9 Comments

When you think of fast-action photography, the D800E isn’t exactly the first camera that comes to mind – and with good reason....

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Shooting On the Go With the Olympus OM-D

Gear Reviews • 7 Comments

Not too long ago, I switched to the Nikon D800E with a series of prime lenses for all of my primary photography. I love the Nikon, and...

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Quick Tip on Blending Two Photos in Time Bracketing

Photography, Photography Editing • 3 Comments

Take a picture of the same scene at two different times of day and blend in post for a unique look that still stays true to the environment...

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Mirrorless Magic: Spending Time With the Olympus OM-D

Gear Reviews • 4 Comments

When we recently received the Olympus OM-D E-M5 (there’s a mouthful for you) in our warehouse, I wasted absolutely no time in snagging...

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Quick Tip: Optimize Canon 5D Mark III Write Speeds – Avoid Using SD Cards

Canon, Photography • 60 Comments

Photographer Jeff Cable discovered something interesting about the 5D Mark III when he was doing some high-speed shooting – it's slow,...

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Is the Canon 6D Under-Exposing? UPDATE: No, It’s Not.

Gear Reviews • 148 Comments

Final Update and Winners of the BorrowLenses.com Gift Certificate, Friday, December 7, 2012 11:35 AM Okay, we found the cause of the D600...

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Building on the Sony NEX System

Gear Reviews • 2 Comments

Sony’s NEX cameras have been taking the mirror less camera market by storm of late, coming out with models that repeatedly and...

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Sony Delivers Big-time with the Nex-6

Gear Reviews • 2 Comments

When rumors of the Sony NEX-6 hit the internet, it was a welcome bit of information for fans who wanted something between the high-end...

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Op-Ed: Thoughts on Switching

Gear Reviews • 6 Comments

Last week, I posted Part V of my “Switch” series, which you can find here: box Previously, in the Switch series: Part 1: I talk...

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