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Learn to capture a special blur in your photos – bokeh. Bokeh is the out-of-focus parts of an image produced by a lens. It isolates your subject from your background and is achieved with very shallow depths of field. Lenses that shoot with wider apertures (wider than f/4) more easily create beautiful bokeh. Lenses with wide maximum apertures not only create great bokeh but also let in tons of light – a great trait for low light situations.

How to Take Unique Children’s Portraits: An Interview with Photographer Edward Nguyen

Photographer Interviews, Portrait Photography

Using super teles and wide apertures, Edward Nguyen has created a whole distinct look for children's portraits by working from a distance....

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Intro to Depth of Field in Filmmaking


Get a quick understanding of depth of field for more cinematic results. Learn how aperture, distance, and focal length all play a role....

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Choosing a Focal Length and How Primes Can Improve Your Photography

Photography, Photography Lenses • 3 Comments

A great way to expand creativity is through restriction. Using only a prime lens on a shoot, I learned why 35mm is among the best focal...

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What is Aperture in Photography?

Camera Settings, Photography • One Comment

Aperture is the opening of your lens that light travels through to hit the camera sensor. Let’s discuss the aperture setting and how it...

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What is a Telephoto Lens and Why Should I Use One?

Photography, Photography Lenses • 10 Comments

A good telephoto lens can help you take your photography to the next level. Here are some of the reasons photographers love telephoto...

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How Crop Sensors Affect Depth of Field

Camera Settings, Photography • 7 Comments

Images from different-sized sensors can appear radically different even when using the same settings, especially when it comes to bokeh....

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The Bokeh Effect: How Sensor Size Affects Background Blur

Camera Settings, Photography • 22 Comments

Sensor size, resolution, ISO performance, and dynamic range are fiercely debated but none more so than the characteristic of bokeh....

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