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To take on birding or most any kind of wildlife photography, you will need fast cameras and long lenses. These are expensive and sometimes hard to operate. Here on the BorrowLenses blog, we cover tips and tricks for wielding such specialized equipment

Going Long On a Budget: The Tamron 150-600mm Telephoto Lens

Gear Reviews • 8 Comments

I’m kind of a big fan of Canon and Nikon’s long glass. More than once I’ve taken either Nikon’s 800mm or 600mm lenses with a fast...

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Photo Safari Advice from Wildlife Photographer David Bernstein

Photography, Wildlife Photography • 10 Comments

Learn all about what to expect before planning your first photo safari....

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A Trip to the Bottom of the World: Photographing Antarctica

Photography, Travel and Vacation Photography, Wildlife Photography • 3 Comments

It goes without saying that someone interested in traveling to Antarctica can’t simply go online, book a flight and hotel, pack their...

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Bird Photography Advice from Nature Photographer David Bernstein

Photography, Wildlife Photography

Bernstein started out using a humble Rebel series camera and over time grew into being what he calls a "photo-naturalist", taking pictures...

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Photography Lessons of 2013 Plus 20 Inspiring Photographs

Behind the Scenes, Landscape Photography, Photography, Portrait Photography, Wildlife Photography • 3 Comments

Congratulations on one more trip around the sun as a photographer! Shots were taken, lessons were learned – both good and bad. Here...

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10 Ways to Shoot Better Wildlife Photos

Photography, Wildlife Photography

As a professional travel and wildlife photographer, I am frequently asked the same question: “How do I take better pictures of...

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Hidden Gems – The Canon 400mm f/5.6L

Gear Reviews • One Comment

Here’s something that’s going to make Canon shooters looking to get started in wildlife or sports photography pretty darn...

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Nikon 800mm f/5.6E FL ED VR Lens Review

Gear Reviews, Nikon, Photography Lenses • 18 Comments

How the Nikon 800mm f/5.6E super-telephoto lens started off rough for me but then quickly became one of the most impressive lenses I've...

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Playing with Nikon’s Big Guns.

Gear Reviews

Not so long ago, I did a post about Canon’s new “Big Guns”, the 600mm f/4 II and the 1Dx. We’re now waiting for...

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Shooting Fast Action with a D800E

Gear Reviews • 9 Comments

When you think of fast-action photography, the D800E isn’t exactly the first camera that comes to mind – and with good reason....

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