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Lighting diagrams, framing techniques, tips for directing models, and more great BTS (behind the scenes) content to help you shoot your own great work.

The Sony FS5 Real World Field Report and Review

4K Cameras, Gear Reviews, Sony, Videography • One Comment

Normally a C100 shooter, I was faced with some circumstances that dictated I should shoot with the Sony FS5 instead. Here are some of the...

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Fundamentals of a Good Travel Production for First-Time Videographers

4K Cameras, Videography • One Comment

What to bring on a low-budget, small-footprint documentary shoot without sacrificing lighting, audio, or stabilization – plus other great...

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Aviation Photography Tips, Plus Using Rentals to Smooth Out a Turbulent Schedule

Aerial & Aviation Photography, Behind the Scenes, Photography • 2 Comments

Learn how I use gear rentals to maximize my time in the air plus learn a little bit about my approach to aviation photography....

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Tips for Shooting with Only One Lens While Traveling

Photography, Travel and Vacation Photography • 2 Comments

If you're limited on gear and still want to take compelling images while traveling, then I have some fun ideas for you! Here is what I've...

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Best Shooting Locations and Studios for Your Video or Photo Production

Behind the Scenes, Photo & Video Business Tips, Photography, Videography

From rooftop terraces to sunlit studios, discover the best shooting locations. These are unique and undiscovered spots for videographers...

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How To Break Through Your Creative Plateau By Adding Video to Your Workflow

Streaming & Vlogging, Videography • One Comment

San Francisco based photographer Michael O'Neal has a style characterized by his affinity for minimalism and shoots a wide range of content...

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How to Get Giant Sun Effects in Landscape and Portrait Photography

Landscape Photography • 4 Comments

Get inspired to experiment with subject-to-camera distances and long lenses to get the appearance of "compression", resulting in "giant...

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10 Year Anniversary Celebration: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About BorrowLenses

BL New Features & Announcements • 3 Comments

We started from humble beginnings and the journey from 2-person side hustle to a 100+ person business on both coasts is interesting and...

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My Experience Shooting a Music Video Using a Ronin-M for the First Time

Behind the Scenes, DJI, Videography • 5 Comments

Head down to Panama with a complete Ronin novice and discover how you can shoot professional-looking footage even if you're brand new to...

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Inspiring Before & After: How 8 Creatives Transformed Empty Shooting Locations

Behind the Scenes, Photography, Videography

These photographers and videographers demonstrate how they make the most of their shooting locations for professional results....

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