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Start planning and visualizing your landscapes and nightscapes with solid astrophotography tips and techniques. Thanks to modern camera gear, the time has never been better for capturing night sky images. Set out to find the best astrophotography and night photography gear.

9 Best Lenses for Astrophotography in 2021

Night Photography, Photography Lenses • 6 Comments

By turning your lens to the night sky, you can capture images of unparalleled beauty. With the right techniques, equipment, and processing,...

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Rare Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction Offers Unique Photography Opportunity

Night Photography, Photography • 2 Comments

A night sky event is coming up you won't want to miss. Here are all the details about the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction....

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How to Photograph the Milky Way

Landscape Photography, Night Photography, Photography • 2 Comments

When and where for shooting the Milky Way in North America as well as a handy tool for getting the right starting exposure every time....

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Photo Pills Guide for Sky/Night Photography

Landscape Photography, Night Photography, Photography

A complete guide to using Photo Pills for planning and visualizing your landscapes and nightscapes. Learn key features, see specific...

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Best Night Sky Events for Photographers and Videographers in 2018

Landscape Photography, Night Photography, Photography • 3 Comments

Top night sky events of 2018 for shooters to put on their calendars, plus our favorite night sky gear....

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Camera Settings For a Solar Eclipse: What You Need to Know

Camera Settings, Landscape Photography, Photography • 2 Comments

With how quickly the eclipse comes and goes, you should prepare far in advance by learning some key camera settings, researching what gear...

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Preparing for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse

Landscape Photography • 6 Comments

On August 21st a total solar eclipse will cross the United States from Oregon to South Carolina. Here is what you must know as a...

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20 Best Photography Apps for iOS and Android

Night Photography, Photo & Video Business Tips, Photography, Photography Editing • 18 Comments

Here are 20 highly-recommended and versatile photography apps for both iOS and Android users. Take your mobile shooting to the next level. ...

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How Lens Length Affects Apparent Background Size: An Example Using the Moon

Behind the Scenes, Landscape Photography, Night Photography, Photography

Lens compression. You’ve probably heard that phrase used before, along with “flattening” of an image with a telephoto lens. So what...

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How to Shoot a Time-Lapse: Intro to Interval and Exposure Settings and Techniques

Night Photography, Photography, Time Lapse Photography

Today’s digital cameras now allow us to record night sky scenes that escape our naked eyes. Here are some valuable tips to know before...

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