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SmugMug Films Showcase the World’s Most Exciting Photographers

We are ecstatic about the new SmugMug Film series that showcases the world’s most epic and exciting photographers working today. The dedication and drive of these photographers is demonstrated in the short videos that give a behind-the-lens look at the people who capture beauty and wonder each day with their cameras.


Extreme sports videographer Devin Graham at work. Photo by Dustin Bess.

Each video is hand made by SmugMug’s very own staff using some of BL’s gear. They sometimes brave harsh conditions in order to capture the spirit of the photographer’s working style – other times they get to bask in the sun and absorb some of the fun that photographers help create. SmugMug created this series to inspire passion and encourage you to get out and push yourself to new photographic limits.

Surfer Brett Barley getting interviewed for SmugMug films.

SmugMug Films was created to inspire, celebrate, and share the love for the the art of photography. The featured photographers have pushed all limits to pursue a passion and capture images of raw beauty in unimaginable places.

Chris Burkard stands on shore to capture the Arctic morning surf session.  Photo by Michael Bonocore.

Check out more of the amazing photographers of the world by subscribing to SmugMug Films’ YouTube channel to get first access to each new episode.


Each video is hand made by SmugMug’s very own staff using some of BL’s gear. Photo by Dustin Bess.

Watch these extraordinary people follow their dream to create breathtaking images that stop us in our tracks.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 11.26.43 AM

SmugMug videographer Anton Lorimer follows Chris Burkard as he walks through the harsh storm that welcomed the team.

The next time you are lacking photography inspiration check out some of these SmugMug Films to get your creativity flowing and challenge yourself to a new extreme.


See these and many more over at SmugMug’s YouTube channel.

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