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Sale of the Year: Save 25% on Used Gear

Don’t wait – gear is selling out. Get the right camera or lens for the right price. Find your fave and use code BLACKFRIDAY18 anytime before 11/30!

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Don’t wait – gear is selling out. Get the right camera or lens for the right price. Find your fave and use code BLACKFRIDAY18 anytime before November 30, 2018!

Shop BL Rated Gear While Supplies Last

All our gear is BL rated, meaning it’s meticulously inspected, continually maintained, and carefully graded before being listed for sale. You can be sure the gear you get is exactly as described in the listing. It’s our promise to you.

It’s Not too Late For 20% Off Rentals!

Our rental savings continue with 20% off on any order arriving now through December 31, 2018. Use code DEC20OFF at checkout.

Gear Check: Examining Problems and Maintaining Camera and Lens Quality

Because of the thorough testing we do between rentals, our gear remains in good shape for selling. When it’s time to sell an item, we do all the things above plus another inspection to rate the item. A detailed description of any cosmetic issues is posted on the item’s listing so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Once your used gear arrives, we allow a 3-day inspection period on all sale items from the date of delivery. You can return the item within those 3 days for any reason at all with just a 3% restocking fee and the round-trip shipping cost of the equipment. After that, we allow 4 weeks for general returns, less the rental fees we would have charged, and shipping costs. Of course, if any gear is not performing as described, let us know so we can figure that out with you.


12 Settings to Check Before Shooting or When Testing Camera and Lens Quality

  • Camera’s eyepiece/viewfinder diopter. Is it set for your eyes?
  • Lenses are made within certain tolerances of sharpness. You can compensate for this with front/back focusing settings in your camera. Learn more in Microadjustment for Lens and Camera Front/Back Focusing Issues.
  • Some lenses with manual aperture rings will not cooperate with a camera in auto/semi-auto modes (Program or Shutter Priority) unless the aperture ring is locked or set to a certain locking f/stop (for Fuji X-mount lenses, set the aperture ring to “A”).
  • Make sure the Quick Control dial (certain Canon cameras) isn’t accidentally locked. Make sure the Mode Dial lock is released (applicable to certain Nikon cameras).
  • If you use the shutter button to focus and it doesn’t seem to be working, ensure your camera isn’t set to use the back-focus button.
  • Check your meter mode. If the exposures you’re getting aren’t what you’re expecting, you could be in Matrix/Evaluative mode when you’d rather be in Spot mode.
  • Look at your Exposure Compensation Dial to see if it’s set to over/under expose.
  • Choose the right focus mode for your subject. This is different from Focus Area. Learn more in All About Autofocus: Focus Area vs Focus Mode for Beginners.
  • Set file size and quality you want. Most cameras, when reset, default to JPEG and not RAW.
  • Format your memory card. Double check that the card truly is compatible with your camera. Some older cameras don’t play nicely with newer cards.
  • Check that ISO isn’t set to auto (common in resets).
  • Cold weather affects gear. LCDs can lose contrast and batteries die quickly, for example. Keep this in mind when traveling.

The Best Deals Right From Your Couch

Beat the crowds and browse our Black Friday sale now for 25% off all used gear! Use code BLACKFRIDAY18. Sale ends 11/30.

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