Photo Finds, June 15, 2012 – Matt Furman

Photo Finds, June 15, 2012 – Matt Furman
Matt Furman

Matt Furman

Welcome to Photo Finds, a feature where we point you to some of the best photography around the web.

The business of photography isn’t an easy one. If you’re a pro, you have to deliver – and you have to do it consistently, day after day. Even more difficult is the fact that you have to stay fresh, flexible, stay in tune with the styles of the day, and evolve with time. Few photographers can do this over any length of time.

Matt Furman, a commercial and editorial photographer based in New York city, is one of these few. With a client roster that includes Forbes, CFO Magazine, American Airlines, Billboard, and Barron’s, Matt’s work reflects a sort results-oriented aesthetic that stops far short of being “typical.”

I first came across Matt’s work in an interview he did for the awesome website “Feature Shoot.” That article is a must-read, by the way; it gives you an insight into Matt’s shooting practices and the kind of constraints he often works under.

Those constraints are what makes his work so interesting. When someone says, “I’m a commercial photographer,” my mind immediately goes to a setup with massive lights (at least six of them) and a whole crew of assistants and gophers. In reality, Matthew often works with just one or two lights, utilizing location, ambient lighting, and other visual tools to add interest and drama to his images.

Take his image of AMC network president Charlie Collier, for example (below). Here, Matt uses a zombie dummy from the popular AMC show “Walking Dead” to add that additional punch in what might otherwise be a standard corporate portrait. Charlie has a few props from that show in his office, as subsequent photos show, and it serves perfectly to create an interesting photo.

Lest you think that Matt’s “just” a portrait shooter for commercial and editorial projects (and really, isn’t that enough?), think again. He has a number of personal projects on his website that reveal a more deliberative approach to photography. I particularly like his series called “The Mechanic,” a photo essay of a small garage called “Maple Service.”

Visit Matt’s portfolio on his website,, and check out his blog, where he posts his latest projects and work.

That’s it for this weeks’ Photo Finds. As always, questions and feedback are welcome in the comments below.

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Sohail Mamdani is a writer, filmmaker, and photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Follow him on Twitter or find him at

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  1. My husband is a dentist and we saw some of matt’s photo’s in the dental magazine…you are right he is a rising star.


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