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7 Vacation Shooting Tips for Better Photo Books

How many times have you been overwhelmed by the number of pictures you took while traveling? Most of the time we take pictures without planning ahead for how we’re going to use them. Countless memorable vacations are taken and photography keepsake books are never made. Here are some things to keep in mind while shooting on the road. These tricks will help you narrow down your best images so that you can create a compelling and cherished photo book.

1) Think in Scene Pairs

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are only a few eye-catching ways to display photos in albums and related pairs is among one of the strongest tactics.


Shoot the same action, person, landmark, or event in a series of pairs – near/far, back/front, detail/scene.

2) Go Wide Angle


Usually we think of books as having 1 photo on each page. Go for a spread across 2 pages. It is impactful and breaks up monotony.

3) No Captions Needed – Explain Your Experience Visually

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShow a process with a sequence of images that better define what is happening rather than relying on written explanations. Just 1 picture of an event might not be enough to explain what is happening – show detail in addition to context.

4) Create Your Own Traditions

Travel_Printing_BL_Alex_Huff-7A series of images framed the same way in different environments look great in print. Take them all on one trip or make it a tradition that lasts through years of traveling.

5) Orient Yourself and Your Viewer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou won’t remember as much as you think you will. Take pictures of maps, billboards, and other important information and include them in your books.

6) Mind Your History


Dress up boring landmark shots by pairing them in print with old shots of the same spot – even better if your relatives walked the same paths.

7) Think in Collages


Taking pictures of your food, the front of your hotel, or the room you are renting is boring but when composed with a collage in mind suddenly similar colors, interesting patterns/shapes, and leading lines guide you to transform mundane shots into beautiful keepsakes.

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