Understanding Sensor Crop Factors

Camera Settings, Photography • 9 Comments

Learn the differences between crop frame sensor cameras and full frame ones and what this crop factor difference means for your lens...

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How to Copyright Your Images

Photo & Video Business Tips, Photography • One Comment

All about how to copyright your photography. Learn about what happens when you don't take this important step....

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Slow Down and Examine: An Interview with Conservation Photographer Juan Pons

Landscape Photography, Photographer Interviews, Wildlife Photography

An avid conservationist, Juan Pons' passion for the environment is evident through his nature and wildlife photography. Read an interview...

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How to Visualize and Shoot in B&W

Camera Settings, Photography

Learn how to see your images in black and white in-camera without losing the ability to also shoot in RAW....

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Using ND Filters for Video

Videography • 2 Comments

More and more photographers are getting into videography. Here are some key things to know about Neutral Density filters before you get...

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Canon 8-15mm Fisheye Zoom: One Fisheye to Rule Them All

Canon, Photography

Covering a unique range and compatible with both full frame and crop frame sensor cameras, the Canon 8-15mm 4L fisheye is an exciting new...

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Introduction to Pocket Wizards and ControlTL Transmitters

Lighting • One Comment

Control lighting wirelessly directly from your camera with Pocket Wizard FlexTT5 and MiniTT1 transmitters....

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How to Use a Gimbal Head on a Super Telephoto Lens

Photography, Photography Lenses

Super telephoto lenses require special treatment when it comes to tripod heads. Not just any tripod head will do. Learn to use gimbal-style...

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Introduction to Lens Adapters

Cinema Lenses, Photography, Photography Lenses, Videography

With the help of certain adapters, you can attach nearly any cinema or photography lens to cameras in a variety of mount types. Here is a...

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Making Sense of Pocket Wizards

Lighting • 5 Comments

What are Pocket Wizards and when would you use one? This is a great intro into radio triggers that will demystify the process for you....

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