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  • What did you shoot this weekend? Use #shotwithbl to share with the BL community and for your chance to be featured on our feed! 
Image credit: @aquatech_imagingsolutions
  • Enter by tagging #blspotlighschmidt in a new upload of wildlife photography. I will be choosing one winner for a $100 BL gift certificate on Tuesday! *Enter by 11:59 PST Monday 5/30/16
  • Last Day in the Jungle // With Filmmaker @danny_schmidt

Aren't cameras supposed to be getting lighter and more compact? Check out the full list of the gear used during our filming of the critically endangered brown #spidermonkey for @natgeo on the BL blog [link in bio]

Want a $100 BL gift certificate? Make sure to tag your newest uploads through Monday with #blspotlightschmidt to enter for your chance to win!!
  • Welcome to the Jungle // With Filmmaker @danny_schmidt

Me and @tropico_media loaded with gear and keeping our eyes peeled for brown spider monkeys in the jungle canopy. Check out my article on the @borrowlenses blog where I go into detail about challenges and strategies of shooting in a tropical jungle for @natgeo [link in bio]
  • Welcome to the Jungle // With Filmmaker @danny_schmidt Waiting patiently for the action to start. We wanted to shoot some dynamic footage of dung beetles doing their thing. The Sony #a7sii with @canonusa #35L was just the trick. It's a great lens for this application because of its wide angle and good minimum focusing distance. All mounted on a @dynamicperception motorized slider.
  • Welcome to the Jungle // With Filmmaker @danny_schmidt

Not your typical shot of perfectly arranged camera gear. The daily chore of cleaning, charging, offloading footage in a place with 100% humidity and 100F heat was a serious undertaking. Lots of gear in this pic... Who can name the most?
  • Welcome to the Jungle // With Filmmaker @danny_schmidt - We wanted to make sure our sequence of scientists were as dynamic and exciting as the wildlife we were there to film. Here we are tracking the action with the #SonyFS7 and the #SonyA7Sii on the #freeflysystems Movi M5 with a @smallhd 502 monitor.
  • Welcome to the Jungle // With Filmmaker @danny_schmidt - The #sonyFS7 is a rad camera. The feature set for the price is really unrivaled right now in the camera world. It worked great for us because of the high frame rates, long battery life, and general adaptability to shoot vertite one moment and on a tripod the next. We put our gear to the test out there in the jungle and the #FS7 never faltered even in intense heat and humidity! Check out more of its specs using the link in profile.
  • Welcome to the Jungle // With Filmmaker @danny_schmidt 
Getting ready for a day of shooting in the jungle - @ricksmith_media balancing the #sonyA7Sii with #Canon20mm on the @freeflysystems #MoVIM5 kitted out with the MoVI ring.
  • #blspotlightschmidt - Take a walk on the wildside with environmental cinematographer @danny_schmidt as he explains the difficulty of shooting in the tropical jungles of #Colombia! Tune into the #borrowlenses feed for the next 7 days as he shares his constant battle to stay cool, hydrated, and protected from mosquitos while telling the story of the endangered spider monkey. 
Danny will also choose one @borrowlenses follower who uses #blspotlighschmidt in a new upload of wildlife photography to win a $100 BL gift card starting today thru 5/30
  • Did you get your bonus free Memorial Day rental? Any rental that is set to return Monday 5/30/16 will automatically advance to a return date of Tuesday 5/3 1/16 - more details using the link in our profile.
  • SF native @adriansky is flying high to capture his city by the sea! What projects are you looking forward to spear heading this summer?!

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