A Beginner’s Guide to Medium Format Cameras

An introduction to medium format sensors and why they might be worth it for your next fine art portrait or landscape shoot. Learn about how medium format affects depth of field and field of view. We’ll also touch on the mysterious quality of “weightiness” medium format brings to an image and welcome your comments on the subject.

How to Handle Your Camera’s Metering in Snow

When we photograph snow, we need to pay closer attention to the light meters in our cameras. While all manufacturers have different terms and technologies for what their in-camera meters do, all of them basically function the same. Here is a breakdown of what they are and how to use them properly for great winter wonderland shots.

The Sony FS5 Real World Field Report and Review

Normally a C100 shooter, I was faced with some circumstances that dictated I should shoot with the Sony FS5 instead. Here are some of the reasons why this was the best choice for this particular project. My findings might help you choose the next video camera for your project. I talk about S-Log 3, ISO, footage monitoring, and more.

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