Shooting Fast Action with a D800E

When you think of fast-action photography, the D800E isn’t exactly the first camera that comes to mind – and with good reason. At a top speed of 4 frames per second and a buffer that will fill up pretty quickly with those massive 36MP files, it’s not a camera that lends itself to that kind […]

Shooting On the Go With the Olympus OM-D

Not too long ago, I switched to the Nikon D800E with a series of prime lenses for all of my primary photography. I love the Nikon, and it’s proved to be a fantastic system, capably handling just about everything I’ve thrown at it. The downside is that it is, truly, a system. A big, heavy […]

Powerful Portrait Inspiration With Steve McCurry’s iPad App

Steve McCurry is one of the most prolific photographers alive today. His photograph for National Geographic’s June 1985 cover of Sharbat Gula (also know as the “Afghan Girl”) is one of the most recognizable portraits in history, and his imagery has graced NatGeo’s pages many, many times since. McCurry has repeatedly proven himself an absolute […]

Mirrorless Magic: Spending Time With the Olympus OM-D

When we recently received the Olympus OM-D E-M5 (there’s a mouthful for you) in our warehouse, I wasted absolutely no time in snagging one of the bodies and taking it for a whirl. My “whirls” usually last a few weeks so that I can put the camera to use in a variety of different ways, […]

The Softbox Cheat Sheet

A while back, we put together an article on how to use softboxes with your light of choice. At that time, I mentioned that we’d be putting together a cheat sheet that would allow you to figure out which softbox could go with which light, and what you’d need to make it work. Well, that […]

Easy Holiday Photo Booth

Holiday events have a way of filling a room. Being tasked with running a party photo booth for friends and family can be daunting, especially if your budget isn’t big and your space isn’t, either. We put together a simple, fun photo booth using portable items that you can rent from

Is the Canon 6D Under-Exposing? UPDATE: No, It’s Not.

Final Update and Winners of the Gift Certificate, Friday, December 7, 2012 11:35 AM Okay, we found the cause of the D600 bodies’ overexposure. Turns out, it WAS damage, not a defect. In the damaged bodies, the little prong that actually pushes the aperture closed was bent, as you can see in the image below. The […]

Building on the Sony NEX System

Sony’s NEX cameras have been taking the mirror less camera market by storm of late, coming out with models that repeatedly and substantially improve on their predecessors. And, as these models have evolved, the number – and quality – of add-ons for them have increased as well. In this article, we’ll take a look at […]

Understanding Softboxes

Off-camera strobes and other forms of lighting have become remarkably approachable over the past few years. The knowledge and information that were once the sole province of pros working with tens of thousands of dollars of equipment in studios or on location is now all over the internet for the taking. We carry a fair […]

Tilt/Shift: Working With Perspective-Control Lenses, Part 2

This is Part 2 of a series on using Tilt-Shift or Perspective-Control lenses. In this part, we look at the “Tilt” functionality of these unique lenses. Part 1, which covered “shift” functionality, can be found here. At some point in time, we’ve all seen photos where the subjects – usually views from high-up of cars, […]

Sony Delivers Big-time with the Nex-6

When rumors of the Sony NEX-6 hit the internet, it was a welcome bit of information for fans who wanted something between the high-end NEX-7 and the more consumer-friendly NEX-5N. There was a real need for a camera that added a few more physical controls for advanced amateurs, for example, who are used to dials […]

Op-Ed: Thoughts on Switching

Last week, I posted Part V of my “Switch” series, which you can find here: I’ve pretty-much laid out my reasons for switching, but I felt compelled to add some kind of postscript to that series. So, here it is.

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  • Welcome to the Jungle // With Filmmaker @danny_schmidt

Not your typical shot of perfectly arranged camera gear. The daily chore of cleaning, charging, offloading footage in a place with 100% humidity and 100F heat was a serious undertaking. Lots of gear in this pic... Who can name the most?
  • Welcome to the Jungle // With Filmmaker @danny_schmidt - We wanted to make sure our sequence of scientists were as dynamic and exciting as the wildlife we were there to film. Here we are tracking the action with the #SonyFS7 and the #SonyA7Sii on the #freeflysystems Movi M5 with a @smallhd 502 monitor.
  • Welcome to the Jungle // With Filmmaker @danny_schmidt - The #sonyFS7 is a rad camera. The feature set for the price is really unrivaled right now in the camera world. It worked great for us because of the high frame rates, long battery life, and general adaptability to shoot vertite one moment and on a tripod the next. We put our gear to the test out there in the jungle and the #FS7 never faltered even in intense heat and humidity! Check out more of its specs using the link in profile.
  • Welcome to the Jungle // With Filmmaker @danny_schmidt 
Getting ready for a day of shooting in the jungle - @ricksmith_media balancing the #sonyA7Sii with #Canon20mm on the @freeflysystems #MoVIM5 kitted out with the MoVI ring.
  • #blspotlightschmidt - Take a walk on the wildside with environmental cinematographer @danny_schmidt as he explains the difficulty of shooting in the tropical jungles of #Colombia! Tune into the #borrowlenses feed for the next 7 days as he shares his constant battle to stay cool, hydrated, and protected from mosquitos while telling the story of the endangered spider monkey. 
Danny will also choose one @borrowlenses follower who uses #blspotlighschmidt in a new upload of wildlife photography to win a $100 BL gift card starting today thru 5/27
  • Did you get your bonus free Memorial Day rental? Any rental that is set to return Monday 5/30/16 will automatically advance to a return date of Tuesday 5/3 1/16 - more details using the link in our profile.
  • SF native @adriansky is flying high to capture his city by the sea! What projects are you looking forward to spear heading this summer?!
  • It's that time of year to start making your travel plans for an epic summer! What camera system will you use to capture your memories? 
We're loving Sony's new FE mount 50mm f/1.8 [link in profile] paired with the Sony a7SII mirrorless camera for a double whammy of stills + 4K video record!
  • A computer crash could mean the loss of hundreds if not thousands of priceless images and video files 😖 Do you have a backup plan? 🤔 Let @therealdrobo safeguard terabytes of your data with the 5D! Get $100 off your purchase with code BL100 at👊
  • Gear You (really, really) Want When You Need It (because you deserve it!) Did you know we've been shipping the @canon #1dxmarkii for over a week now!! Reserve you're copy today! (link in profile)
  • Borrowlenses renter @leftf0otforward captured this stunning overhead #shotwithbl at the newly opened #sfmoma. 
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  • Timelapse wherever you go with the @jobyinc #gorillapod and add variety to your travel reel.

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