New Rental Search Feature: See Gear Rental Availability in Real Time

New Rental Search Feature: See Gear Rental Availability in Real Time

A long-requested feature is now live on our site! Pro photographers and videographers tend to work around deadlines and even hobbyists don’t like to have their plans dashed. This is why being able to plan out what gear is available to rent (and when) is so important. You can now get results for specific dates with available/unavailable inventory shown in real time. Here’s how it works:

How to Search-By-Date for Real Time Gear Availability

Let’s say you want to rent the Sony a7 III for this coming weekend. Now you can see if it’s available on such short notice and – if not – what is available so you’re never left empty-handed.

If the item isn’t available on those specific dates, it will be grayed out. The Sony a7R III is still available (second product on the left). However, let’s say you’re flexible on the date but not on the product – you really want (no, need) that Sony a7 III!

Upon hover, you’ll see that you can find out the next available date. Click on the product to discover what that date is.

Yay! It’s available on the 9th – not too far off from your original date! And this updates in real time. When I was preparing this example, the Sony a7 III wasn’t available again until the 13th. But after a few refreshes, more inventory was returned by prior customers (and cleaned by us) – so now the availability date is even sooner!

Change your I Want My Rental date to the 9th and you can see it is no longer grayed out and ready to be added to your cart!

See this feature in action in a quick YouTube demonstration:

We set up this long-requested feature to help you better plan for the future. It also will help you narrow down your choices when faced with a bunch of lenses you’d like to try (but can only get one). Easy – just choose from among the ones that are available for your preferred rental dates!

Of course, as always, if you have any questions about renting gear please contact us! We hope this feature makes your life a little easier. We’re working on even more site improvements and we’ll keep you in the know as they roll out. A recent one is our new Wish List feature – see the details in Save Your Favorite Gear in Our New Wish List Feature.

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