Lenstag Releases “Text to Check” Feature to Combat Gear Theft

Lenstag Releases “Text to Check” Feature to Combat Gear Theft

Lenstag is a new service that collects serial numbers from your lenses and cameras and keeps them in a registry to be flagged in the unfortunate event that they get stolen. It’s easy, it’s free, and is a great supplement to your existing insurance plan or personal security methods. By locking down a serial as belonging to its owner, the reselling and pawning of stolen gear becomes increasingly discouraged and it is now even easier to flag hot items.

Users can now text a serial number to +1-415-749-9808 and get matching items back that have been flagged as stolen (or an all-clear if they aren’t). This is especially useful when making second-hand gear purchases.


An example of how Lenstag’s “text to check” system works. The user has typed a hypothetical serial of 75165 to +1-415-749-9808 and received a message that the serial belongs to a hot item, in this case a Canon 15mm fisheye.

Standard text messaging charges may apply but Lenstag doesn’t charge for this feature. Lenstag is also working hard on apps for iOS and Android to make adding, deleting, and transferring gear even easier. Stay tuned for more updates! Learn more about Lenstag, which is used by all of the major US lens rentals companies as well as by photographers in over 140 countries.

UPDATE: Lenstag, the service that collects serial numbers from your gear and keeps them in a registry to be flagged and indexed online if they get ever stolen, now has free apps for iOS and Android in multiple languages. Some features include: gear name auto-complete, picture-taking of your gear right from your phone, easy and immediate flagging, and more. Lenstag aims to curb theft by making it harder to resell stolen items.

Download it here:

• http://lens.tg/ios
• http://lens.tg/android

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