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Gain the Latest Info on Video Editing Techniques and Software

Working creatives share their approaches to the complex task of video editing. Learn how to prepare in order to make the job easier, including developing a solid workflow, understanding file sizes and color grading, and how to use accessories like external recording monitors.

How to Make an Outdoor Adventure Documentary – Behind the Scenes of Visions of the Lost Sierra

Behind the Scenes, Video Editing, Videography • One Comment

Tips on creating a nature documentary, including how to interview subjects in natural light, what gear to use, and other filmmaking tips....

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A Guide to Color Grading Your Video in 5 Easy Steps

Video Editing, Videography • 2 Comments

Color grading is how you enhance or alter the color of a video, film, or image. Let's explore color profiles, LUTs and how to color grade....

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How to Edit Video for Beginners: An Introduction

Video Editing, Videography • 16 Comments

Editing video is more accessible to amateurs thanks to the availability of free software and the sharing of information on the web. We...

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S-Log2 4K Samples for Sony a7R II and a7S II

4K Cameras, Sony, Video Editing, Videography

Is there a difference between the a7S II and the a7R II in normal shooting conditions? Let's compare them using S-Log2 4K....

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Color Grading Made Eas(ier) with FilmConvert

Video Editing, Videography

Learn more about FilmConvert, a beginner-friendly color grading resources for new filmmakers. Read about my experience using FilmConvert as...

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Working With Magic Lantern RAW Files

Video Editing, Videography • 11 Comments

Learn 3 ways to work with Magic Lantern RAW files, the firmware hack that gives you greater control over white balance and creates a file...

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