Sports Photography

Sports Photography Techniques to Get You Up to Speed

Shooting outdoor track sports, indoor court sports, or simply want to capture the adventure? There are specific cameras, lenses, and techniques to use to get a certain look. Learn about different styles, discover new camera gear to try, and more.

Photography Tips: Getting the Perfect Ski Shot

Photography, Sports Photography • One Comment

Taking photos on your adventures can be incredibly rewarding but it can also be incredibly frustrating. You spend all day shooting your...

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Red Bull GRC Action Sports Photography with Garth Milan

Photography, Sports Photography

Action sports photography has taken me all over the world, and my latest trip was to Sin City, where I spent two days shooting the final...

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Q&A with Red Bull Photographer Garth Milan

Photography, Sports Photography

Garth Milan is a famous action sports photographer and a customer of BorrowLenses. Milan originally started photographing action sports...

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SmugMug Films Showcase the World’s Most Exciting Photographers

Photography, Sports Photography, Travel and Vacation Photography • 2 Comments

We are ecstatic about the new SmugMug Film series that showcases the world’s most epic and exciting photographers working today. The...

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Capture Motion in Car Photography with these Shot List Tips

Photography, Sports Photography • 14 Comments

Interested in car photography? Jim Frenak, lead photographer at FPI Studios, recently shot the new 2014 Chevy Impala for Chevy's West Coast...

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