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How to Capture Better Portraits

Explore the large and rewarding world of portrait photography. Learn about the cameras, lenses, and techniques needed for successful headshots, fine art portraits, senior portraits, infant photography, and so much more.

How to Use Your New Camera

Landscape Photography, Night Photography, Photography, Portrait Photography, Street Photography

You just purchased a new camera, or maybe you got one for Christmas. If you are a little overwhelmed by it, here are some tips and...

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20 Tips to Master the Perfect Headshot

Photography, Portrait Photography • 5 Comments

Headshots are a great way to define someone's personality in one unique shot. Let’s dive into how to take headshots with 20 helpful tips....

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8 Portrait Lighting Setups Every Photographer Should Know

Lighting, Photography, Portrait Photography • 6 Comments

The key to great portrait photography is understanding portrait lighting. In this post, we introduce the basics of manipulating studio...

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17 Portrait Photography Tips Everyone Should Master

Photography, Portrait Photography • 4 Comments

Taking good portraits requires a good understanding of light, posing, and capturing natural expressions. It is a skill that comes with time...

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7 Tips for Capturing Better Environmental Portraits

Photography, Portrait Photography, Travel and Vacation Photography • One Comment

An environmental portrait is defined as a portrait executed in a subject’s usual environment, such as in their home or workplace, and...

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How to Take Unique Portraits of Children: An Interview with Photographer Edward Nguyen

Behind the Scenes, Photography, Portrait Photography

Edward Nguyen was a wildlife photographer for around a decade before transitioning to portrait and fashion photography. Instead of starting...

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Personal Bests of 2015 – Get Inspired and Share Yours

Event Photography, Landscape Photography, Photography, Portrait Photography, Videography • 3 Comments

A year in review reveals improvements in our work – whether we realized it along the way or not. Even the pros take stock of their...

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Inspiring Words and Fall Images from 18 Working Photographers

Landscape Photography, Photography, Portrait Photography • One Comment

Many of you are probably excited for fall – the colors, the low-angle light, and the dramatic weather all help us achieve stunning...

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Ivan Makarov on Being a Dad and a Photographer

Photography, Portrait Photography • One Comment

Being the family photographer is both a blessing and a curse – you’re afforded the rare opportunity to constantly preserve...

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Personal Bests of 2014 – Get Inspired and Share Yours

Landscape Photography, Photography, Portrait Photography • One Comment

We celebrate progress on all levels – whether you’re a pro trying to stretch your personal limits or a novice who just learned...

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