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Behind the Scenes of a Saloon Shoot with Photographer Peter Phun

Behind the Scenes, Lighting

Peter Phun is a freelance photographer in Riverside California. An alumni of Kent State University in photojournalism, he was among the...

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Immerse Yourself: An Interview with Night & Light Painting Photographer Troy Paiva

Lighting, Night Photography, Photography

Troy Paiva, AKA Lost America, has been creating light painted night photography in abandoned locations and junkyards since 1989. His...

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Tips for Setting Up Your Kino Flo BarFly

Gear Reviews, Lighting

ABOUT BARFLY Our Kino Flo BarFly 200D 2-light kits and BarFly 400D 1-light kits are professional, energy-efficient lighting systems ideal...

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Multiple Flash Firing with Nikon’s Advanced Wireless Lighting System Using Pop-up Flash

Behind the Scenes, Lighting, Nikon, Photography • 3 Comments

Learn to control your off-camera Nikon flashes using your on-camera flash. Topics I'll cover: Setting Commander Mode for your Nikon camera,...

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One Strobe, One Trigger, One Camera, and a lot of Luck: Behind the Scenes with Von Wong Photography

Behind the Scenes, Lighting • 2 Comments

Photographer Benjamin Von Wong set out to the Salton Sea with some dart rope and a crew of chance encounters who were excited to make the...

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Learning To Leave The Matrix – A Tip On DSLR Light Metering

Lighting • 16 Comments

With our dependence on LCD screens to give us immediate exposure feedback, knowing how to meter light is at risk of quickly become a fading...

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Blowing out the Background

Lighting • 12 Comments

The image above was not shot on a white background. It has a minimal level of adjustment in Lightroom to it, mostly to clean up the edges,...

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Lighting and Photographing White Seamless Background Headshots

Behind the Scenes, Lighting • 10 Comments

Businesses, theaters, and schools all need professional headshots taken for their websites and a perfectly white backdrop with soft, even...

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Kill the Background: How to Turn a Background Black with Speedlights

Lighting • 16 Comments

Can you achieve low key portraits in high key environments? Yes and here is how!...

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The Softbox Cheat Sheet

Lighting • 5 Comments

A while back, we put together an article on how to use softboxes with your light of choice. At that time, I mentioned that we’d be...

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