Behind the Scenes

Go Behind the Scenes and See How Real Creatives Work

Knowing how to shoot is great but seeing how real photographers and videographers work – including how they break the rules – is essential for creating a unique portfolio of your own.

Dead-lifting the GoPro Hero 4 Silver

Behind the Scenes, GoPro Action Cameras • 2 Comments

Kenneth M. Ruggiano's work has appeared in ESPN The Magazine, Sports Illustrated, The Hollywood Reporter and Golf Digest. Recently, he...

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The Sun: A Photographer’s Ultimate Lighting Source

Behind the Scenes, Landscape Photography, Lighting

We all know that without light there isn’t going to be a photograph. There are many different qualities of light and different directions...

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Photography Notes from Nepal

Behind the Scenes, Photography, Travel and Vacation Photography

Rebecca Gaal embarked on a one-month endeavor with a band of committed volunteers into the most remote regions of the Himalayas and Tibetan...

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Behind The Scenes: Gold Suit Man Brings Luck to Golden State Warriors

Behind the Scenes, Photography, Sports Photography

Matt Maniego takes us Behind the Shot as he documented the GS Warriors win the first NBA title in 40 years....

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Time Lapsing Against the Clock: How to Shoot a Time Lapse with a Stadium Full of Warriors Fans

Behind the Scenes, Photography, Time Lapse Photography

Matt Maniego's specialty time lapse work has been featured by the San Francisco Giants, the 49ers, and the Golden State Warriors, as well...

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Two Lighting Styles in 1 Shot with the Pocket Wizard MultiMax

Behind the Scenes, Lighting • 2 Comments

Alexis Cuarezma is a San Francisco-based photographer who specializes in both on-location and in-studio portraiture. An alumnus of the...

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Photography Lessons of 2013 Plus 20 Inspiring Photographs

Behind the Scenes, Landscape Photography, Photography, Portrait Photography, Wildlife Photography • 3 Comments

Congratulations on one more trip around the sun as a photographer! Shots were taken, lessons were learned – both good and bad. Here...

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Behind the Scenes of a Saloon Shoot with Photographer Peter Phun

Behind the Scenes, Lighting

Peter Phun is a freelance photographer in Riverside California. An alumni of Kent State University in photojournalism, he was among the...

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Behind the Scenes Crossfit Shoot with Photographer Ian Coble

Behind the Scenes, Photo & Video Business Tips, Photography

If you like photographing athletes, here is a little inspiration for you from Ian Coble. “Every once in a while I like to put...

Read More on the Set of Wilfred

Behind the Scenes, BL New Features & Announcements • 9 Comments

The FX television series “Wilfred”, starring Elijah Wood, needed to shoot new backing plates for their hit show....

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