Establish Your Brand: An Interview with Creative Marketing Strategist Lawrence Chan

Establish Your Brand: An Interview with Creative Marketing Strategist Lawrence Chan

Lawrence Chan is a marketing strategist for smart creatives. He is also a photographer and traveler and is the author of several books on marketing and social media. His work has been published in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine. He wants creatives to keep honing their craft but also become better marketers. Many of his eBooks are available for free.

The author in NY

The author in NY.

BL: What is your photographic specialty and how did you become interested in it?

Chan: It started out as wedding photography but I am slowly shifting to landscape photography due to my extensive travels.

BL: How long have you been teaching and/or writing about photography and how would you describe your teaching/writing style?

Chan: I have been teaching in the photography industry for almost four years. My goal is to dissect complex marketing and psychology studies and gear them toward entrepreneurs.

BL: What is your single most depended on photographic item aside from your camera?

Chan: The one lens I always bring with me when traveling is my Canon 16-35mm.

Being self employed can be tough. Or it can be a 24/7 pajama party! Chan exhibiting some personal whimsy.

Being self employed can be tough. Or it can be a 24/7 pajama party! Chan exhibiting some personal whimsy.

BL: What type of gear, new or old, are you most interested in experimenting with?

Chan: In the future, I’d like to sample Hasselblad.

BL: Describe what prompted or inspired you to create Found – Be Discovered by Those Who Matter?

Chan: With my success in generating leads, I wanted to share one of my methods, which was harnessing the power of photography in conjunction with search engines.

BL: What are some additional resources that you recommend to others getting started in photography?

Chan: Honing one’s craft is a given. However, an easily neglected part of business is the business aspect. My recommendation is to establish one’s brand. This goes beyond the basics of a logo or business cards. I am referring to brand philosophies, compelling copy and internal goals and strategies. A new (or veteran) photographer must establish items in order to propel a business forward in an already saturated market.

BL: In what ways do you expect readers to improve after reading Found – Be Discovered by Those Who Matter?

Chan: Photographers already have to take time to document their portfolio shoots (via blogs, YouTube, etc.), so I want them to take the extra step to optimize their efforts. There are countless search engine queries conducted every second. They should get some of that action.


Lawrence Chan with a Sony a7II.

BL: What is something YOU learned during the process of making this eBook?

Chan: Writing a book is not the same as blogging, which is what I do more frequently. A book requires a clear organization of many ideas, while scaffolding from the basics. Additionally, during workshops where students are allowed to ask questions, a book must be all encompassing. This can be challenging to do and equally rewarding when completed.

BL: There are a lot of little rules in photography, such as the Rule of Thirds and the Inverse Square Law. Describe a photography “rule” that you use the most or find most valuable.

Chan: I enjoy the use of negative space, which in a way falls under framing or the Rule of Thirds. However, I do not believe it is necessary to confine oneself. If a photo conveys the intended story, then the it is an effective photo.

Chan teaches marketing strategies to creatives.

Chan teaches marketing strategies to creatives.

BL: Anything new on the horizon that you are working on, either photography-wise or eBook-wise?

Chan: A number of photographers find it challenging to create valuable content on a daily or weekly basis. To many of them, content is equivalent to commissioned photo shoots (e.g., weddings, portraits, etc.). Fortunately, content marketing is not confined to only portfolio work. Quality content is, in a nutshell, valuable information that will enrich one’s target audiences’ lives. I look forward to expanding on this in the near future.

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