BL’s Orderly (and Massive) GoPro Order

BL’s Orderly (and Massive) GoPro Order

Someone’s going to have a lot of fun this weekend. We can’t say for sure what all of these will be used for on this order but it’s pretty safe to say it is bullet-time related. Enjoy the pictures, GoPro fans!


Alex Enman had the task of checking and charging all of the GoPros.


45 GoPros total on this order.


We frequently will get large order requests for classes, workshops, and large-scale events. We recently had a 15 x D600 order but it pales in comparison to this.


They’re laughing now but wait until they all come back needing cleaning and resetting!


Check out our time-saving technique for resetting multiple GoPros at once.


Here are some of our favorite GoPro videos.


Sometimes for these massive orders we’ll create speciality Pelican and padding/storage setups before shipping out.


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Scott Roeder is a wedding photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is also an avid diver. His specialties include photo booths, videography, and action shooting. Check out his work on his website.

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