Author: Mike Sun

Mike Sun is a Video VIP Quality Control Technician Lead at BorrowLenses and a freelance cinematographer and photographer.

Crash Course on External Recording Monitors

4K Cameras, Videography • 10 Comments

From low-compression codecs to recording continuously, learn the many benefits of using external recording monitors on your next film...

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Sensor Size and Filmmaking: Choosing the Right Camera for Your Project

4K Cameras, Videography • 2 Comments

A brief overview of full frame sensor camera usage in filmmaking and what different sensors mean for your depth of field, field of view,...

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Building a Demo Reel: Do’s and Don’ts for New Videographers/Filmmakers

Videography • 2 Comments

Demo reels show off examples of your portfolio to potential clients. They prove your skills and demonstrate your style. Learn what should...

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