Author: Jamie MacDonald

Jamie MacDonald is an Olympus Visionary brand ambassador, educator, and Vanguard Professional. He is also the founder and one of the hosts of the Mirrorless Minutes webshow and podcast with fellow Olympus Visionary Mike Boeing.

How to Photograph the Milky Way

Landscape Photography, Night Photography, Photography • 2 Comments

When and where for shooting the Milky Way in North America as well as a handy tool for getting the right starting exposure every time....

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Improve Your Macro Photography with Micro Four Thirds Cameras

Gear Reviews, Macro Photography, Photography • 13 Comments

The world of macro photography has been an interest for me ever since I got my first camera. That camera was a little Casio point and shoot...

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A Photographer’s Guide to Modern Urbexing

Photography, Street Photography • 6 Comments

For photographers, urbexing is not just about the exploration, it is often about capturing scenes full of complex detail and light,...

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Intro to Light Painting

Lighting, Night Photography, Photography • One Comment

What does it take to start light painting? It really takes nothing more than your camera, a source of light, and your imagination. Here's...

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