Author: Grant Kaye

Born in Hawaii, educated in New Zealand, and now living in Lake Tahoe, Grant Kaye specializes in landscape, night-sky photography, motion-controlled time-lapse, and creative filmmaking. His clients have included Red Bull, MSNBC, Yahoo, and many others. See more of his work on his website or join him for a workshop.

Using Your Histogram to Make Better Photos

Camera Settings, Photography • 2 Comments

Learn what histograms are, how they are used in photography, where to find them in your camera, and how to edit using them....

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How to Shoot Aviation Photography

Aerial & Aviation Photography, Photographer Interviews • 3 Comments

Aviation photography is exciting and challenging. With the right gear, knowledge, and skills, even new photographers can produce great...

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Photo Pills Guide for Sky/Night Photography

Landscape Photography, Night Photography, Photography

A complete guide to using Photo Pills for planning and visualizing your landscapes and nightscapes. Learn key features, see specific...

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Ultimate High ISO Photography Review: Canon 5D Mark IV vs Nikon D850 vs Sony a7R III

Gear Reviews, Landscape Photography, Night Photography, Photography • 2 Comments

Capturing the center of our galaxy with long exposures is magical but also more within reach than ever before with modern cameras. We'll...

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Fundamentals of a Good Travel Production for First-Time Videographers

4K Cameras, Videography • One Comment

What to bring on a low-budget, small-footprint documentary shoot without sacrificing lighting, audio, or stabilization – plus other great...

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An Introduction to Frame Rates, Video Resolutions, and the Rolling Shutter Effect

4K Cameras, Videography • 2 Comments

Gain some historical context for frame rates, learn how to quickly combat rolling shutter effects, and prime yourself on the basics of...

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Intro to Portable Power for Photo and Video

Gear Reviews, Photography, Time Lapse Photography • One Comment

Battery technology has greatly advanced in recent years and prices have come down markedly from where they were just a few years ago. I...

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Memory Card Basics: Choosing the Right Memory Card for Video and Time-Lapse

4K Cameras, Camera Settings, Time Lapse Photography, Videography • 6 Comments

Choosing the right memory card for a DSLR video or time-lapse project is a critical decision. Memory cards have three fundamental...

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Product Photography Lighting and Best Practices

Lighting, Photography, Product Photography • 13 Comments

Understand the basic of product photography lighting, plus best practices that will hone your craft for photos of products customers will...

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High Dynamic Range vs Multiple Exposure Blending Editing for Photographers

Photography, Photography Editing • 5 Comments

Have you ever noticed when photographing a sunrise or a sunset that your DSLR camera can’t capture the brightest and darkest part of the...

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