Author: Cherish Ortiz

Cherish received a BFA in Cinematography from the Academy of Art University. She has gone on to work as a freelance 1st camera assistant under award-winning directors of photography and continues to crew on high production films and commercials.

Introduction to Matte Boxes for Video Beginners


An introduction to matte boxes for beginners in videography – including a handy checklist of what to look for before trying one out. ...

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Beginner Basics for Shooting Video at Night

Videography • One Comment

Shooting video between the hours of dusk and dawn has its challenges and perks. It creates a natural ambiance for a certain feeling...

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Introduction to Portable Audio Recorders

Audio, Streaming & Vlogging, Videography

Portable recorders are simple to operate but understanding the workflow will help make editing in post-production easier. Here is a brief...

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Custom White Balance and Color Matching for Video

Lighting, Videography

Setting color temperature in a camera is easy but often overlooked. Learn more about white balance for DSLR videographers and...

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Intro to Video Frame Rates and Frames Per Second Shooting Speeds

Videography • 5 Comments

How many frames per second is best when shooting video? This depends on the look you are going for. Here is a basic primer on FPS and what...

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Aspect Ratios and Sensor Sizes for Video Beginners


Digital video aspect ratios have caused a little bit of confusion among beginner filmmakers. Learn the difference between DAR, PAR, and SAR...

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The Best Gear for Home Movies or Vlogging

DJI, Gear Reviews, Streaming & Vlogging, Videography • One Comment

Get recommendations on the most popular DSLRs for home movies and vlogging. ...

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