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Nikon D7200 Review: Hands-On Expert Review

Gear Reviews, Nikon, Photography

Nikon’s top of the line APS-C camera comes with a lot of improvements from its predecessor, the D7100. We took the Nikon D7200 for a spin...

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Nikon D7100 vs Canon 70D: The Best Cameras for Enthusiasts

Canon, Gear Reviews, Nikon, Photography

The Nikon D7100 and Canon 70D are popular among beginner to intermediate level photographers for being powerful crop sensor cameras at a...

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Photo Safari Advice from Wildlife Photographer David Bernstein

Photography, Wildlife Photography • 10 Comments

Learn all about what to expect before planning your first photo safari....

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Bird Photography Advice from Nature Photographer David Bernstein

Photography, Wildlife Photography

Bernstein started out using a humble Rebel series camera and over time grew into being what he calls a "photo-naturalist", taking pictures...

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Photographing the Lunar Eclipse

Landscape Photography, Night Photography, Photography • 9 Comments

Michael Frye is a professional photographer with tons of experience shooting the lunar eclipse. Here are his tips for capturing this...

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Capture Emotion: An Interview with Wedding Photographer Andy Lim

Event Photography, Photography, Portrait Photography, Wedding Photography

Andy Lim got started in photography after leaving design college in 1992 and his work has since been published worldwide. Andy conducts...

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Slow Down and Examine: An Interview with Conservation Photographer Juan Pons

Landscape Photography, Photographer Interviews, Wildlife Photography

An avid conservationist, Juan Pons' passion for the environment is evident through his nature and wildlife photography. Read an interview...

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