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A Photographer’s Guide to Macro Lens Photography

Macro Photography, Photography

If you've seen close-up shots of plants or insects that seem almost impossible to catch, you've enjoyed macro photography. Let's explore...

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What is a Camera Extension Tube?

Macro Photography, Photography

What are the benefits of an extension tube? We lay out the details on how they work, how to use them, and a few popular extension tube...

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21 Destination Wedding Photography Tips: Everything You Need to Know

Event Photography, Photography, Wedding Photography

From travel advice to gear safety, follow these tips for a smooth destination wedding shoot. ...

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Camera Settings For a Solar Eclipse: What You Need to Know

Camera Settings, Landscape Photography, Photography • 2 Comments

With how quickly the eclipse comes and goes, you should prepare far in advance by learning some key camera settings, researching what gear...

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Camera Lens Guide: How to Find the Perfect Lens

Photography, Photography Lenses • 4 Comments

A camera lens is essential to taking sharp high-quality photos. Use our in-depth camera lens guide to find the best lens for you and your...

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20 Tips to Master the Perfect Headshot

Photography, Portrait Photography • 5 Comments

Headshots are a great way to define someone's personality in one unique shot. Let’s dive into how to take headshots with 20 helpful tips....

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New Rental Search Feature: See Gear Rental Availability in Real Time

BL New Features & Announcements

We have a new feature on our site that will help you better plan for your shoots and get the gear you need when you need it. Check out our...

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Rectilinear and Fisheye Wide Angle Lenses Explained

Photography, Photography Lenses • One Comment

What's the difference between rectilinear and curvilinear wide angle lens? We'll explore why you should use a wide angle lens with your...

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The 9 Best Tripods for DSLR Cameras in 2018

Gear Reviews • One Comment

A tripod for DSLR is essential for many photographers and videographers. Here's our guide to choosing the perfect setup at your price...

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19 Food Photography Tips to Master Mouth-Watering Shots

Photography, Product Photography • 3 Comments

Pair our list of food photography tips with the appropriate camera and lens to capture a mouth-watering shot, every time....

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