5 Things Worth Celebrating About the New Canon 1D X

5 Things Worth Celebrating About the New Canon 1D X

A new member is about to officially join the BorrowLenses Canon 1D pro body family tomorrow. The 1D X (“X” representing the merger, or “crossover”, of the 1D and 1Ds series) takes the impossible choice out of sports/wildlife vs portrait/landscape by being able to, seemingly, do everything!

1. Speed

The 1D X has the fastest FPS of any 1D so far (up to 14 FPS).

2. AF Overhaul

The 1D X uses a 61-point/41 cross-type AF system. Cross-type focus allows for higher accuracy in contrast detection.

3. Big, Better Sensor

With a 18.1 Mp full-frame sensor, the 1D X produces images up to 5184 x 3456 in size and uses the latest photodiode construction technologies (which results in increased light sensitivity).

4. Increased Light Sensitivity!

Not only does the ISO range go up to 204,800 on the 1D X, but the Auto Lighting Optimiser that was used during the ID Mark IV era has been improved. This is particularly useful when a subject is backlit.

5. Video

As if the 1D X doesn’t already do enough, it also features 1920 x 1080 HD video capture with 64-step volume control and the ability to automatically split large video files for nearly 30 minutes of continuous recording.

Our Conclusion:

If you’re a photographer who shoots a wide range of topics, from documentary subjects to fashion to fast-moving cars, and you find yourself carrying around a lot of different kinds of cameras to shoot it with, the 1D X might just be the realization of all that collective wishful thinking for one pro camera that can cover everything.

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Alexandria Huff's photography and lighting tutorials can be found on 500px and her blog. She is a Marketing Coordinator for BorrowLenses.com and also writes for SmugMug. She learned about lighting and teaching while modeling for photographers such as Joe McNally and has since gone on to teach lighting workshops of her own in San Francisco. See her chiaroscuro-style painterly portraits on her website.


  1. You know a Camera company shouldn’t be stingy on the pics, Lets see it,LOL

  2. More images to come. We haven’t even gotten our own hands on it yet!


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