5 Photographers’ Blogs You Should Read

5 Photographers’ Blogs You Should Read

If you’re reading this blog, chances are that you already have bookmarks or RSS feeds for some of the leading photographer blogs out there like Joe McNally, Scott Kelby and Chase Jarvis.

But as engaging as they are (and as much as we tend to read them every day), there are other, less-famous photographers who are nonetheless doing a stellar job in their fields and whose blogs are incredibly stimulating and interesting. In this piece, we introduce you to five of them.

  • Martin Prihoda

    Martin Prihoda

    Martin Prihoda. Martin Prihoda’s story,  and his fascinatingly Zen-like approach to his life and work – make for amazing fodder. Martin now shoots for the biggest magazines in India, including the Indian editions of Vogue, Marie Claire, GQ and Cosmopolitan. We wish he’d update his blog more often, but go rambling through the archives; they’re worth your time.

  • Daniel Milnor. He’s Blurb’s Photographer at Large and a deeply interesting, quirky and smart guy. Daniel Milnor’s blog Smogranch makes for some marvelous reading as he ruminates on his travels, his deep love of his Leicas (which are his primary cameras) and how much he loves the thunk of the shutter of his Hasselblad. Daniel shoots film (though he has shot with digital as well, he returned to film some time ago and doesn’t appear to have looked back). Check out the entries on his Peru workshops – they’re a very interesting take on what goes into making a good photo book.
  • Drew Gardner: We were introduced to Drew’s blog by way of David Hobby over at Strobist. Drew is… well, it’s not easy defining him. His portfolio has a lot of stuff, from celebrity portraits to food photography. Our favorite set of photographs are his “The Forest” series, where Drew slings a bunch of Elinchrom lights together to create those surreal images. And, lest you think that he’s just a stills photographer, he’s pretty heavily into the world of video as well.
  • Alex Koloskov. Alex has become a lot more famous recently, especially since his appearance on TWiT Photo a while back. We, on the other hand, have been following his work since before that. He mad quite a splash (yes, I know, it’s a bad pun) with his work, which, as you can see, is about freezing liquids in mid-air. A lot of it gets done in camera before it hits Photoshop and Alex takes great pains to light each shoot just so. Based in Atlanta, GA, this former Mechanical Engineer from Ukranian brings his scientific mind to photography with an artistic flair that’ll leave you with one burning question: “How’d he do that?” Fortunately, his website has plenty of tutorials to help you unravel his techniques.
  • Andrew Hetherington

    Andrew Hetherington

    Andrew Hetherington. Andrew’s blog is one of the more rarefied and erudite photography blogs we’ve read lately. Titled “What’s the Jackanory?” after a bit of Irish slang, this editorial and commercial photographer from Dublin, Ireland (who now lives in New York) is witty, engaging, timely, and relevant. The man has major street cred too – he’s a contributor to GQ, Details, Wired and Esquire and has shot a variety of subjects, from Bill Clinton to Jerry Seinfeld and Regis Philbin. He’s also very passionate about the work of lesser-known photographers, and we find his enthusiasm infectious.

Do you have a photographer whose blog we should be following that’s not as well known as the McNallys and Kelbys out there? Then let us know! Email us at blog@borrowlenses.com

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Sohail Mamdani is a writer, filmmaker, and photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Follow him on Twitter or find him at anymedium.com.


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