3 Ways to See New Gear on the BorrowLenses Site

3 Ways to See New Gear on the BorrowLenses Site

Sometimes you just want to see what’s new and we have 3 ways for you to stay in the know! Here is a quick summary of how to see our latest gear arrivals.

Find New Rentals on Our Homepage

You don’t have to do any searches or dig deep into the site to find out what’s new. Simply check in on our homepage once in awhile (or constantly – we won’t judge) and with a glance you can see our most recent arrivals.

Our 3 main areas for announcements are…

• The New Arrivals tab in the top right-hand corner (hovering will show you some of the hottest arrivals while clicking on it will just take you directly to all new arrivals).

• The Featured Items scrolling bar in the middle of the page.

• The Featured “Grid” below our Featured Items. This changes periodically to expose you to new types of gear and special collections, both new and classic.

This looks different on mobile. Depending on your device, the homepage may look a little more like this:

The Featured Items scrolling bar is still there but the New Arrivals tab is below the fold.

When you’re on the New Arrivals page you can organize by popularity (the default), by newest first, or price.

See All Gear from 2017 (So Far) on One Page

“New” means something different for everyone. What’s a little “old” to some might be a breaking announcement to others. In addition to our New Arrivals page we have an “everything new to BorrowLenses in 2017 (so far)” page. That’s a working title. This is a great page to save – you can stay current on gear and check out what you maybe missed from months ago. It will be updated throughout the year. Check out our Best of 2016 collection, too!

Throughout our site (both desktop and mobile) you can also take advantage of our lefthand-side facets bar to narrow the results.

Get New Gear Announcements from BorrowLenses by Email

At the bottom of every page on our site there is a field where you can sign up for our newsletter.

Not everyone is thrilled by the idea of more email but we typically send announcements only once a week – not every day – so we won’t choke your inbox. Our newsletters announce new gear, any sales we’re having, and links to interesting articles from our blog or from the industry as a whole. We also announce new gear and sales on all of our social channels:

YouTube (less frequently than the others, but increasingly)

And if you see anything you love but can’t rent just yet, be sure to use our new wish list feature!

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