An Introduction to Frame Rates, Video Resolutions, and the Rolling Shutter Effect

Gain some historical context for frame rates, learn how to quickly combat rolling shutter effects, and prime yourself on the basics of resolutions. As a photographer who has transitioned to including video work for clients, I understand how daunting all this can seem. Let this introduction be your guide for confidently exploring your settings for more natural looking footage – even for a beginner!

Intro to Portable Power for Photo and Video

Battery technology has greatly advanced in recent years and prices have come down markedly from where they were just a few years ago. I will demystify portable power in this post and arm you with the knowledge to make the right selections from the many options available for powering your gear on the go.

The Top 5 Hikeable Peaks Photographers Will Love

Some of the most astonishing landscape photographs ever taken over the last century are the result of dedicated photographers making the long trek up and over mountains to find the perfect spot for that iconic scene. You can find great shots of mountains simply by driving to a mountain pass or an overlook but there is something special about finding a spot that can only be reached by foot. Here are 3 low-traffic peaks to explore for unique landscape photography.

June’s Best New Locations for Your Production Shoot

Looking for a unique backdrop, like a yurt or houseboat, but don’t need the space overnight? Or maybe you just need an empty photo studio that charges by the hour? Whatever your needs might be, Peerspace uncovers hidden gem locations ranging from all different price points and space types for commercial shoots, narrative filmmaking, and more.

Making Portraits in Cuba: A Photographer’s Experience with the Fuji GFX 50S Medium Format Camera

“Try not to plan for anything. Spend a couple of days just walking around and taking in the area.” This was advice given to me when I had the chance to take the Fuji GFX 50S to Cuba. Rather than take in the area, I let the area take me in by providing portraits for the locals. Here’s why the Fuji GFX made that experience particularly special. Plus, some RAW files for you to check out.

Crash Course on External Recording Monitors

External recording monitors are the Swiss Army knives of the camera department. They are an external hard drive, a reference monitor, and an exposure assist tool all in one device! Learn more about what you can do with them in this intro that includes an explanation of signals, color space, and media/cable compatibility.

How to Create Better Wildlife Photos

When we think of wildlife photography, we often think of expensive, high-quality lenses and fast cameras. But if you truly want to create an image where you’ll give a wild animal its moment to shine, you need more. Here are some essential tips to help you creating lasting animals portraits that stand out from the pack.

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