Why All Photographers and Videographers Should Rent Gear

Photo & Video Business Tips • One Comment

As a successful photographer and business owner, I can think of 5 good reasons why you should rent gear. You do not have to own everything...

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BorrowLenses Holiday Hours and Important Shipping News

BL New Features & Announcements

Here are the last possible days to rent gear by and still get your order by the holidays....

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How to Get Started with Street Photography

Street Photography

Street photography is an important part of any photographer's exploration process. Here are some tips to help get over street shyness....

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Why You Should Re-Edit Your Old Photos

Photography, Photography Editing • One Comment

Fix outdated editing mistakes with new software features. Re-editing old raw files to match your current tastes is a great way to freshen...

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My 5 Favorite Lenses for New Canon DSLR Videographers

Canon, Videography • One Comment

If you're a new Canon DSLR videographer and you're overwhelmed by the lens choices out there, check out my top 5 favorite lenses for video!...

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Mirrorless vs DSLR Cameras: Which is Best for You?

Photography • 2 Comments

As the debate over mirrorless vs. DSLR cameras rages on, it can be tricky to know which route to take. Our guide compares the key...

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Best Cameras for Beginners in 2020: 14 Entry-Level Options

4K Cameras, Gear Reviews • 60 Comments

A guide on what to look for when buying a new camera, plus 14 favorites from the past year in a variety of price points and brands....

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All The Recent Arrivals We’re Excited Over + Rental Savings

BL New Features & Announcements

Capture fall beauty with big releases and a big discount: use code PEAKCOLOR at checkout to save $25-$100....

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The 13 Best Cameras for YouTube Videos

Gear Reviews, Streaming & Vlogging, Videography • 86 Comments

There are many types of vlogs out there but they all have one thing in common: a good camera. You must consider things like budget,...

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Low Light Photography Tips for High Quality Photos

Night Photography, Photography

Low light photography is tough but worth getting good at. Here's what to look for in a low light camera and lens, plus beginner tips on...

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