Rent 7 Days, Get 7 Days Free - See Details
Rent 7 Days, Get 7 Days Free - See Details


The Profoto Large Deep White Umbrella has a unique deep parabolic shape for better control over light spread. This shape allows you to achieve focused, artful results with less stay light. The white interior reflects beautiful, soft light. Soften the light further by using the included diffuser, which stretches over the front of the umbrella easily (like a shower cap). This umbrella is made of heat-resistant fabric and is safe to use on most continuous light sources, but experiment at your own risk. The Profoto Large Deep White Umbrella is 51" around and ideal for small groups, full length portraits, events, and photo booths.


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  • • (1) Deep Umbrella
  • • (1) Diffuser
  • • Carrying Bag

  • • Type: Umbrella
  • • Interior: White
  • • Size: 51"
  • • Included Diffuser Reduces Output by 1.5 Stops

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    Profoto Large Deep White Umbrella

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